Determine, obtain and review the policies and procedures in

Assignment Detail:- Assessment Part For this task you are to complete the following activity to demonstrate your ability to initiate and lead applied research, as relevant to organisational strategic practices and outcomes- Your research can be done on either your current workplace, a previous workplace or an organisation you would like to work in- PART 1: 1 Obtain and review relevant task documentation, and consult with relevant personnel to clarify, confirm and document the applied research purpose and the needs of the target group- 2 Determine, obtain and review the policies and procedures in relation to conducting applied research, as well as relevant research ethics and codes of conduct- 3 Establish the mechanisms to be used for collecting and maintaining data in a systematic manner-Provide a full description of these mechanisms- 4 Identify and analyse any factors affecting the reliability and validity of data- Document this analysis- 5 Considering the available tools and resources, prepare, frame and document, an applied research strategy and hypothesis- 6 Considering the information determined, document a research proposal or plan which includes:a- The specific hypothesisb- A valid population or sample sizec- A description of the geographical, cultural, social or institutional context within which the research will be carried outd- A full description of the data collection methods that are to be usede- The analysis of the limitations to research design, including the reliability and validity of data PART 2: 1 Identify, review and evaluate a range of applied research methods, theories and data collection techniques, and select the methods appropriate to gather and analyse data- Provide the documented evaluations, noting the methods selected- 2 Using suitable technology and technology services to support data collection and analysis, access appropriate sources of information and contributors relevant to the research- Record all sources accessed- 3 Use and apply the analysis tools to the data to optimise the relevance and integrity of your research- Provide evidence of the use of analysis tools- PART 3: 1 Evaluate how the research findings, such as trends and changes, will impact on learning strategy- Document this evaluation- 2 Review the data and research findings for the accuracy of details and to ensure adherence to any legal requirements-Note any issues identified and corrected through this review- 3 Collate the data, and analyse it for relevance against the original applied research strategy-Document this collation and analysis- 4 Record the research findings into a clear and logical document, presenting the findings in a manner consistent with the identified audience needs- 5 Identify if there is a need for further research, and if so, document an outline of the appropriate approach required- Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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