Determine key recommendations to the issues being studied

Assignment Detail:- LO 1: Work collaboratively with others to develop a project proposal outlining the research methods and approach to be taken in addressing the organisational problem at hand- LO 2: Obtain and critically apply both relevant primary and secondary research and data to the analysis of the organizational issues being studied LO 3: Determine key recommendations to the issues being studied and demonstrate technical, communication and presentation skills to present research findings back to the client LO 4: Apply key managerial skills -problem solving, leadership, change management and resilience- to deliver solutions to the client both individually and collaboratively Assessment Details: Students will form groups of about four to complete this business client consultation, although smaller groups of any size may be approved by the lecturer- Each group will have members with expertise across a range of disciplines- Students in this class are studying different fields- Some are enrolled in the Master of Business degree, and some in the Master of Professional Accounting degree- Groups that have members representing both fields are likely to benefit from a broader set of knowledge- As such, groups must have members from both MBA and MPA degrees- Groups should create the necessary shared documents - perhaps one or more documents and sets of presentation slides - and ensure they are shared with all group members and their lecturer- The Client: Students are required to choose a company to be the focus of their report- This must either be an organisation that a group member knows well and has access to its people and documents OR it must be a publicly listed company with documents such as the Annual Report available online- Approval from your lecturer regarding your chosen company is required- The Report: The purpose of the consultation is to analyse the current state of an organisation from the perspective of its finances, marketing, human resources et cetera, identify the issues -Covid 19, war, trade restrictions- for the organisation and make recommendations for improving the viability of the organisation and the achievement of its goals- Each group will prepare a written report of their findings and recommendations to the client organization- This assessment item contributes 40% of the final mark for this subject- Each report will consist of a general section setting out background information, identification of Covid-19 implications and general recommendations -worth 20% and shared by all group members- plus separate discipline or functional -accounting, finance, marketing, HRM etc- focused sections -to be submitted by individual students and worth 20% each student-- Both the general/group and individual sections must show evidence of critical analysis and evaluation utilising relevant scholarly literature- Assessment criteria summary:- In-depth investigation of an organisation and the identification of its strengths and weaknesses-- Impact of Covid-19- challenges and opportunities for the organisation-- Critical use of the literature to develop strategies and a business plan for the organisation-

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