Details about the typical counsellor/client relationship

Assignment Detail:- Question: A written essay incorporating a case study and relevant theories Throughout this Trimester, students have learned about various counselling theories, namely:Psychoanalytic therapySolution focused -including brief interventions- Person-Centred therapyNarrative therapyCognitive behaviour therapyFamily systems theoryAcceptance and Commitment therapy You are required to select ONE case study from a list to be provided during the trimester and then choose TWO of the counselling theories that you believe will be appropriate to assist the client-s- discussed in the chosen case study- Your task is to apply each counselling theory, whilst comparing and contrasting the different ways in which each theory could bE applied in an effort to help your client-s- with his/her/their problem: Your answer must include the following: 1- Identification of the historical origins and evolution of your chosen theories 2- Details about the typical counsellor/client relationship and any other elements of the chosen theories- 3- Application of, comparison and contrast between the two chosen theories 4- An outline of any ethical/legal issues to be considered, 5- An explanation of how you would use each of the TWO counselling techniques to assist your client - make sure to compare and contrast different needs of each theory in relation to techniques- 6- A suggestion of a possible outcome for the client if the counselling is helpful- 7- You may also suggest the number of sessions or any other requirements needed for the counselling to go ahead as planned, again comparing, and contrasting the TWO theories- 8- A final statement that outlines which of the two theories would best suit the client's needs, based on your analysis- Your written report should include at least 8 peer reviewed research articles read, in addition to any textbook references- The articles must be from 2010 or be more recent- Do NOT use older material- find current peer reviewed, academic literature which explores, expands or ad older articles Attachment:- Case Study-rar

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