Designing solutions to meet business requirements and the

Assignment Detail:- ICT412 Solution Design Assignment Portfolio Course aim To introduce students to the process involved in designing solutions to meet business requirements and the relationship between business and information systems that support the business- PurposeLearners will gain an understanding of Role of internet and social media in modern business, Information system theory, Information system analysis and creating database management solution for business Learning Outcome 1: Use Information Systems Analysis techniques and tools and apply User Experience principles to analyse and document business information systems Learning Outcome 2: Review user requirements and use interface design principle to develop and document a small database system to provide a solution for an organisation- Learning Outcome 3: Evaluate the suitability of computer applications and select, justify and communicate a solution that meets the evaluation criteria 1- Apply essential knowledge and concepts of business analysis, database, and user experience to provide a foundation for supporting organisational information systems requirements-2- Contribute to user interface design using essential knowledge and concepts of web design-3- Apply essential knowledge and concepts of software development to provide a foundation for developing applications-4- Apply project management and planning tools to meet the requirements of specified briefs and provide a foundation for IT Profession-5- Apply appropriate professional, ethical and legal principles and practice to comply with legal and organisational requirements and provide a foundation for the IT profession6- Communicate Clearly and professionally to maintain relationships and achieve objectives in a range of contexts within the IT Industry- Assessment ScenarioAlpha Sales Limited is growing Electronic retail company in Auckland- Company is currently operating its store in all Westfield malls- Demand for its product has grown over the period and decentralized POS system has affected its operational processes- Company has contacted Advance Information System Solutions Limited to manage this issue and propose the system that centralise their information and ensure effective and efficient operation all over Auckland- The major agenda of going ahead with this proposal is to enhance profitability by 15% as well as lower shrinkage and effective inventory management- You are appointed as a System Analyst by Advance Information System Solutions Limited- You are pointed on your first assessment with Alpha Sales Limited- To complete this assignment, you need to complete following tasks Part 1You are required to analyse and evaluate Two database management systems against set criteria for Alpha Sales Limited and recommend one that best suit to Alpha Sales Limited Needs- Your set criteria must include following seven -7- evaluating criteria's- Cost, hardware requirements, software requirements, reliability, ease of use, training requirements, and user support- Part 2- Database PlanBy using Information System Theories and Analysis prepare a Project Management Plan for proposed database system to Alpha Sales Limited- You Plan should include but not limit to Part 3: Creating Database and Test Based on your proposed plan create database to meet the needs of your client- Your Database Management System must include following • Tables - Create minimum three tables example: Customer, Order and Product- Every table should have a primary key and foreign keys- Each should have minimum five -5- entities- • Forms - Design minimum three -3- forms with company logo and different colours-• Queries - Create minimum three queries of the organisation to use-• Report - Generate a detailed report with company logo-• Testing: Once you have created the database, you must test the database to verify that it meets both the design you have created and the organisation's requirements• Others Special requirements are• Apply security on the database e-g-, password and copyright-• Your database needs to look professional i-e-, clear headings Part 4: Create a simple end-user document for the database-  End-User Documentation Name of database table:   Purpose of the database:   Created by:   Date created:   File location:   Steps: Attachment:- Solution Design-rar

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