Design your group Planned Activity as an interactive

Assignment Detail:- IBU5HRM Human Resource Managment In A Global Economy - La Trobe University 1- Diversity Management,2- Culture,3- International Performance Management- or4- Training and Development- Choose one of the four concepts for your group, and design your group Planned Activity as an interactive session- This should include all members of your intended audience- For example, present your Planned Activity in a way to present to a potential group of employees or attendees at a work conference how to deal with your chosen concept within a workplace- For example, your group might choose Culture as the concept for your Planned Activity and therefore the activity should deal with various cultures within a workplace, and your presentation should demonstrate to your audience how to implement this activity- InstructionsMake sure you use appropriate and current -ie beyond 2009- literature to inform your presentation, citing at least 12 references -e-g-, 3 references per person if a group of four--

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