Design the internal network (including router) for the

Assignment Detail:- Teamwork requirement You must do this project in a team, where you will accrue all the advantages that come from mind sharing, cooperating and collaborating with team members- The teamwork is accountable - there are compulsory team meetings to attend, and a personal reflection diary to submit - these are all assessed- You are required to download and read the detailed requirements in the Team Rules Document-Here is a summary of the main conditions:• All students must be a member of a Team-• Team members can be from any campus including Distance -online- students-• All students will be assigned to a team by the unit coordinator, but you can self-assign/form a team yourself if you wish, up to 2 or 3 members max- If you form your own team you MUST inform the unit coordinator of this and the member names/ID's- Otherwise the assigned team is the one you will be in-• Additional members may be assigned to your team by the unit coordinator-• Your team is committed for the whole project, no changes allowed, e-g- cannot swap members, drop in or out-• Teams need to nominate one to be team leader-• Three compulsory team meetings, recorded in Minutes - use the Minutes template provided-• All members of the team will individually submit their personal reflection to their own moodle account-• All team members must submit the project, minutes and reflection for assessment, but only one submission per team will be marked -since they should all be the same except the Reflections-- Reflections will be marked separately for each individual-• Full assessment requirements are in the Team Rules doc-, including details of the required team meetings and reflection-• You will be held fully accountable for having read the Team Rules The Team Rules Document, Meeting minutes template, and the Reflection template is posted in Unit Information section- Meeting minutes and Reflections are required items for the project- Overview of the ProjectThe final project tests your ability to put together the skills learned in previous weeks and present it as an application of your knowledge and skills to a small business network- So as you read through the requirements, consciously relate it to relevant work you've already completed-The small business network represents the capstone of this course - it is what all the previous assignments have led to, and is the reason that it takes the bulk of the assessment weighting- Some additional research and reading may still be required- ScenarioYou are the sysadmin for a software development startup company, called cqunix, that is moving into a new building- The company has 10 full-time employees, as well as up to another 10 that either work part-time or perform short-term contract work at the company- Each full-time employee will have a dedicated workstation; most also have a laptop- The part-time/contract staff have their own or company-supplied laptops- There will also be several spare workstations- The company develops Unix and Linux software, and they are an -Ubuntu- Linux exclusive company for all their computers- Workstations, Laptops and ServersThe company has grown quite quickly- Initially when there was just a few friends, they used all online services -e-g- Google Docs, GitHub, DropBox-- But now as they move into the new building, they have decided to use their own infrastructure- Most of the employees work in a distributed mode, working on their own computers and sharing resources direct with colleagues, however there are several centralised services required- Specifically, they have identified the need for the following- Included are the selected names- 1- Apache based web server using PHP Dokuwiki packages to host company documentation- The server is administered by one employee and one contractor- The dokuwiki pages are maintained by all staff, with the exception of the meeting minutes which are viewable by all staff but only created and edited by the team leader- 2- Secure shell server, called sydney, to allow employees and contractors to login and compile code- All people involved in the company should have accounts, and be able to access the SSH server from both internal network and from external -public- networks- 3- Git server, called gladstone, to store all code and documents- Everyone is experienced in using git on the command line on their own computers -they don't use the web interface-, however in the past they used GitHub as the server- Now they will use this internal server, instead of GitHub- The access requirements are the same as for the SSH server- 4- Backup server, called bundaberg, to store a backup of the web, SSH and Git servers- The backup requirements are described in detail below- 5- DHCP server, called darwin, to provide dynamic IP addresses to workstations and laptops, and fixed IP addresses to other servers -based on MAC addresses-- Only necessary full-time staff have access- 6- "Gateway" server called rocky, configured as a router - see under NetworkEach of the above will run on separate hardware within the internal network- That is, there are five computers, one for each of the above server applications- Part Description In this project you need to consider the above scenario and:1- Design the internal network -including router- for the entire company-2- Implement the server portion of the network -i-e- adelaide, sydney, gladstone, bundaberg, darwin and rocky- within a virtual network-3- Test the network, demonstrating that the implementation meets the key requirements-4- Document the design, implementation and testing, submitting a report named cqunix-sysadmin-<student ID>-docx- Put your actual student ID in place of <student ID>- The following provides details of what must be included -and what not to cover- in the project-What to implement????You need to implement the server portion of the network in a virtual network, e-g- as multiple Ubuntu Linux machines within VirtualBox- You do NOT need to implement the workstations or laptops, although you must configure the servers assuming the workstations and laptops exist- You do NOT need to implement external hosts- For testing purposes, you may implement one or more workstations, laptops and external hosts, however these will not be considered when marking- B- How to demonstrate testing????You need to test all aspects of your implementation- For example, test that the network has connectivity, the DHCP server assigns addresses correctly, the firewall implements the security policy, and so on- You should also test your instructions, e-g- perform a complete recovery using the instructions you have written- To demonstrate that you have performed testing you must include the following in your submission: 1- A Camtasia/Zoom recording -maximum 3 mins- ofa- Dokuwiki site as accessed via the SSH tunnel, demonstrating all documentation pages, SSL/HTTPS access, and meeting minutes- Accessing each server via SSH using the SSH tunnel; 2- Screenshots as per above-C- What design details to include????The design is divided into three parts, and must include: Network and Server Design 1- Labelled diagram of the entire network, showing all network members- You should include workstations and laptops, however you do not need to be exact in the number that you show- For example, you may illustrate several laptops with specific names and addresses, and then add a note that explains how other laptops will be named/addressed- 2- Table of servers, with MAC addresses, allocated IP addresses, client IP address ranges- 3- Installation and configuration details of all the servers- 4- Justification of the network design and any assumptions made- This should explain why you have made certain design decisions and what assumptions you have made about the company, computers, applications, and network in order to complete the design- Backup and Recovery Design 1- Overview of your approach to performing backup -referring to the backup scripts-- Explain why you designed the backup in the way you did, for example, explain your recommended frequencies of backup- 2- Instructions for a staff member to perform a recovery of the web server adelaide- The instructions must be detailed enough such that an inexperienced sysadmin can perform the recovery -e-g- in the case that you are not available-- Security Design 1- Details of a password policy and its implementation- The policy should be appropriate to the organisation, and detail exactly how it is implemented in the system- This should also appear on the dokuwiki site- 2- Instructions for staff to gain access to the relevant systems- There may be different sets of instructions depending on the system and staff role -e-g- instructions for web developer to access web server, instructions for all staff to access SSH server-- This should also appear in the dokuwiki site- 3- Instructions for staff to manage the digital certificates -e-g- when to renew, how-- This should also appear on the dokuwiki site- 4- Access for External Board of Management -ie, tutors, lecturer- is configured for the dokuwiki site and a secure notification methodology is developed for the communication of the username and password of this account- Attachment:- System and network administration assignment-rar

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