Design of a switching and routing network and that the

Assignment Detail:- ICT102 Networking Assessment - The assessment evaluates a scenario involving the design of a switching and routing network and that the group is to propose a solution to this problem- ASSESSMENT DESCRIPTION:This assessment is a group project- This assignment is group-based- Each group will have up to five students- You can continue with the same group as for the previous assessment-In this assignment you will be designing and configuring a network for a university environment, which has been allocated 148-23-0-0/16 IP address space- There are two faculties namely Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Science- Each faculty has two subnets; staff subnet and student subnet- Part-1 - Divide the allocated address space between faculty subnets such that the staff subnet in each faculty gets 128 IP addresses and the student subnet in each faculty gets 256 IP addresses -inclusive of network and broadcast address-- In other words, each faculty gets 128 + 256 = 384 IP addresses- Be sure to avoid addressing conflicts with other existing subnets such as subnet linking routers- Part-2 Prepare and draw the network diagram for the proposed solution- Mention all network devices clearly -like workstations, routers, servers, etc-- in the diagram- Part-3 Provide an appropriate solution to improve the switching speed between faculties???? Part-4 Provide appropriate Security Solution for wireless LAN of this university- Part-5 Discuss how would you restrict the users to access malicious websites???? You should create the network design report in word document with a limit of 1500 to 2500 words- Also, include network diagram/s and the report must follow Harvard citation and referencing guidelines- Attachment:- Networking-rar

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