Design, Installation and Configure Network Servers - Plan

Assignment Detail:- BN206 System Administration Assignment - Group report, with individual demonstration Assessment - Design, Installation and Configure Network Servers- Learning Outcome 1: Understand various server management systems;Learning Outcome 2: Manage emerging tools and techniques for system management;Learning Outcome 3: Apply human usability in systems and documentation within the context of constantly changing modern industry requirements;Learning Outcome 4: Plan and implement various application servers for an organisation This assignment has 2 parts: Prepare a system documentation report and demonstrate the understanding of the system implemented Form a group of Three students and inform your lab tutor of the names and student IDs of your group members- Assume that your group is hired by a client company to develop a networked system for their required services as described in the scenario- Your task in this assignment is to analyse client requirements, design solutions, implement, configure, and troubleshoot implemented solutions, and finally to prepare a system documentation report meeting the client requirements and following a standard industry template- Detailed requirements are provided below: Question 1- Based on the scenario given below, -i- analyse client requirements, -ii- identify and propose the required servers and server roles -services-, and -iii- provide required configurations for the scenario- Question 2- Perform the configurations using either virtually or physically installed server OS to realise the scenario- Students can use Windows Server 2016 or a higher version, or Linux server if appropriate- Your submission should include screenshots of each important step- Question 3- Prepare a detailed system documentation report- This report will serve as an important part of backup and disaster recovery documentation- As such, you must consider human usability factors and include the configurations using description of each important step, and screenshots corresponding to those in a way that will be useful to the target users of the document- Essential sections of the documentation are provided in the marking guide, however, you can include additional sections if deemed useful- You should explain how documentation of network changes should be handled and how documentation can aid the troubleshooting process by keeping a record of common issues- Question 4- Use your configured system to demonstrate individually the implemented scenario during your week-12 lab- Individual understanding will be tested during your demonstration- Scenario: Implement Windows Server Active Directory Domain Services -ADDS- infrastructure- ABC Pty Ltd is a SME -Small to Medium Enterprise- based in Melbourne- The company is a new start-up specialises in designing and manufacturing widgets- The company has 60 employees at their new Head Office in Melbourne- The company decided to setup a LAN infrastructure environment with Centralised authentication and resources -object- management- The organisation structure is based on different departments named Sales, HR, Operation, Finance and Marketing- The company has hired you as a System Administrator, and your job is to create a LAN infrastructure design and provide a solution to manage objects -such as users, computers, file shares, printer's apps, groups etc-- belongs to each department- Your Parts: 1- Design a LAN Infrastructure for 60 users and determine the feasibility in your design for number of Servers, Clients computers, Printers, Routers and Switches- 2- Configure a DHCP -Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol- to acquire automatic IP address- 3- Create ABC Domain, a new forest and provide centralized user authentication- 4- Create OUs -Organisational Units- and Groups based on department name and create two users and two computers for each department 5- Create folders for each department and set the sharing privileges only to corresponding department users who can access the shared files- 6- Configure two Group policies e-g- Disable Guest Account and Set Minimum Password Length to Higher Limits 12 Characters 7- Install and configure IIS web services- 8- The company wants to store all the files on a separate file server and only users with appropriate access will be able to access them -not every user should have access to the files-- You can assume which users/groups will have access to these files, and state your assumption clearly- 9- Table of servers, with MAC addresses, allocated IP addresses, client IP address ranges- 10- Installation and configuration details of all the servers in detail-

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