Design an integrated lesson encompassing - Describe how and

Assignment Detail:- Assessment - Integrated lesson planning Learning Objective - State the objective-s- of the lesson and how it links to the EYLF- Using the Lesson Plan Template and working in groups ITE students who intend to complete their internship with children in the same age group e-g- babies, toddlers etc will design an integrated lesson encompassing 2-3 learning areas below:- Creative arts- Physical education- Sustainability- Aboriginal and multicultural education This can be potentially implemented during their internship- Explain how and why this lesson:1- Is of value to the target group of children in the learning areas-2- Contributes to the overall development of the children Organisation - -Individual/Groups/Different Centres- Describe how and why the children will be selected, located, and organised for this activity- Resources - List and describe the use and care of the resources needed for the lesson- Activity - Clearly state the steps and timings of the lesson- Assessment List and describe: 1- The observations to be made that will indicate achievement of the outcomes in the children 2- How assessment observations will be recorded Evaluation of teaching and reflections of learning - Explain how you will reflect on, get feedback for, and evaluate your delivery of the lessonModifications, strategies for future learning and feedback - Explain how you might use your reflections and the feedback you have received to improve and modify this lesson- Research and Referencing - References should be formatted according to APA 7th-

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