Design a 12-15 slide PowerPoint (PPT) introducing mentoring

Assignment Detail:- EDGL919 Coaching and Mentoring Educators - University of Wollongong Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate knowledge of the research, theories and complexities of coaching and mentoring educators in educational settingsLearning Outcome 2: Demonstrate understanding of the policy and organisational context in which coaching, and mentoring are enactedLearning Outcome 3: Use knowledge and skills to examine and practice effective coaching and mentoring strategiesLearning Outcome 4: Ability to critically analyse and communicate issues relating to effective workplace coaching and mentoringLearning Outcome 5: Applied skills and knowledge to evaluate a mentoring program-   Assessment: Project - Practical Resource Imagine you are part of an educational organisation that does NOT have a coaching or mentoring program- As part of the leadership team, you want to introduce a coaching/mentoring program but first you need to convince others on the leadership team of the importance of mentoring/coaching and share an approach to design a program for the educational organisation- You decide to put together a presentation to present at the next team meeting- Design a 12-15 slide PowerPoint -PPT- introducing mentoring or coaching to your leadership team- The PPT should include: 1- Definition and rationale of mentoring/coaching 2- Examples of different mentoring/coaching models including their benefits and limitations 3- A suggested process to design a coaching/mentoring program for the educational organisation 4- A rationale and suggested process for evaluating the mentoring/coaching process once its implemented 5- Key considerations for leaders in the design and implementation of the program 6- Some useful professional readings 7- 2-3 interactive activities throughout the PPT to engage your audience in the presentation 8- Reference listTo accompany the PowerPoint you will also need to submit ‘Speaking notes' which include key points that would be discussed when presenting each the slide- A template for these speaking notes is available on the subject Moodle-  

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