Describe what steps you can/would take to ensure that any

Assignment Detail:- CPCCBS6003 Apply legal and ethical requirements to building surveying functions Assessment 1 - Legal and Ethical Responsibilities The purpose of this assessment is to identify and apply the scope of legal and ethical responsibilities that will be relevant to your work as a building surveyor- Part 1: The law and individual authorityReview the learning manual and the procedures in your own workplace and provide details of the following:• The principle legislation that applies to building regulation in your state-• The relevant section -or sections- of the legislation that governs the appointment and powers of Building Surveyors in your state-• Contact details of two professional organisations that are relevant to building surveyors-• The levels of building surveyor accreditation that apply in your state- Note the title of the position and the extent of authority- Part 2: Code of ConductObtain a copy of the Code of Conduct -or relevant behaviour policies- that has been adopted by your organisation- Summarise the various responsibilities that you must follow in your building surveying activities and client communications-Now look up the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors -AIBS- website- Read the Code of Ethics available from the ‘About Us' section of site- Compare the requirements with that of your workplace- Part 3: Conflict of InterestProvide four examples where you may be placed in a position of conflict of interest in your position as a building surveyor- Provide details of any legislation or Code of Conduct that apply to each case- Part 4: Contractual obligationsDescribe what steps you can/would take to ensure that any contractual requirements that you enter into with your client can be identified and confirmed as being consistent with legislative and regulatory requirements specified in building control and other relevant legislation-Your response must include the following:• Verification of builder and consultant: licence, insurance and registration for the building class and type-• Duty of care -to the client and future owners-• Professional liability insurance cover-  

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