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Assignment Detail:- APH102 Assessing physical health status - Think Colleges Part Instructions To complete Assessment 2, you will be required to read two -2- case studies and respond to a number of medium-response questions- Your responses must be typed into the spaces provided beneath each question, and the whole document must be submitted to the LMS portal as your response to Assessment 2- These questions must be answered in full- When responding to the questions, please pay attention to the entire question being asked, as well as the prescribed word count -if provided-- You are required to use the correct medical terminology when answering all questions- Answers requiring references must be provided in alignment with Think Education policy- Assessment Question Question 1- Based on the information received in the case study, you need to consider how best to plan appropriate care for Yu Yan- Using the template, develop a care plan for Yu Yan taking into account the information provided- This requires you to:• Specify four -4- nursing diagnoses or risk factors associated with the client's healthvariations• Record at least two -2- nursing interventions that could be applied for each diagnosis• Clarify how your planned intervention reflect the client's interests and physical, emotional and psychosocial needs• Note at least one -1- expected outcomes that you would hope for as a result of each intervention- -consider SMART goals when discussing outcomes- Question 2- Yu Yan has confided that she is having trouble adjusting to her body image now that she is no longer fertile- For this question, review the stages of adulthood and;a- Specify what developmental stage of adulthood Yu Yan is going through after her surgery, and list two -2- physiological/psychological changes people may go through at that stage-b- List two -2- other stages of adulthood and for each, specify two -2- psychosocial or physiological changes that might be experienced by people going through the stage listed- Question 3- Yu Yan has expressed embarrassment at needing assistance with her ADL's -Activities of daily living- due to her poor self-image- This implies she may need support emotionally as well as physically-a- Outline the seven -7- areas of wellness and explain your understanding of each one-b- Explain which areas of wellness Yu Yan is having difficulty with given her current anxietiesc- Provide two -2- nursing interventions you could provide to assist Yu Yan with her feelings of embarrassment-d- And, provide one -1- community support agency that may be able to assist you tofacilitate a wellness approach to care Question 4- Yu Yan's situation is common amongst many women her age- Additionally, it may also be influenced by how she has grown and developed, and what her genes are-• Specify four -4- stages of human growth and development• In 20 - 50 words, explain how genetics and environment may impact a person'sown development Question 5- As soon as clients present to and are admitted into a healthcare facility, the healthcare team starts planning discharge requirements- List six -6- possible requirements Yu Yan may need to be arranged/ discussed before she is discharged, and explain why they are needed- Use 10 words for each- Question 6- Yu Yan has 3-year-old twins at home, whose developmental needs differ from hers greatly- It is important that you understand these needs when considering the type of care that Yu Yan could be provided after discharge, as her wellbeing will affect theirs- Describe the developmental stages of childhood by addressing each point below:a- Complete the table provided by listing the physical growth, psychosocial, cognitive and motor development needs of infants, toddlers and pre-school and school aged childrenb- Explain in 20 words, the role of play in a child's developmentc- Explain in 20 words, the impact that hospitalisation of a child can have on the child and family Question 7- Yu Yan also has a 17-year-old son, Jason- His stage of development is different from both hers and the twins- In 30 words, describe the developmental stages of adolescence and list four -4- common health issues or psychological concerns that adolescents face- Question 8- From the information provided in the scenario above, document an ISBAR handover for Fei Hong, on the template provided below, using appropriate medical terminology- Ensure the documentation meets legal requirements- Question 9- Another Nurse has drafted a plan of care for Fei Hong- Respond to the questions below based on the scope of your work as an enrolled nurse, using 20 words for each:a- How would you confirm that this plan reflects the needs of Fei Hong and her family????b- If this care plan seems to conflict with the client's needs and requirements, who would you speak with and how would you justify your assumption????c- If Fei Hong's situation deteriorated after admission, who would you communicate this to, and when and how should that be done???? Question 10- You have been asked by the RN to complete a physical assessment of Fei Hong- Using your understanding from your readings in Module 4-2, in 20 - 50 words;a- Describe your understanding of the assessment techniques of inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultationb- Provide an example of what body system/ vital sign you could use each techniquefor- Question 11- After reviewing your readings in module 4-2, provide two -2- examples of what assessment can be conducted for each body system listed below and what assessment technique -as discussed in Q10- you could use as- Question 12- As humans move through the stages of adulthood, like Fei Hong is doing, they experience changes in their body systems, which can affect moods, functions and perspectives- These can also be amplified when they are admitted to hospital- List six -6- risk factors older people face in hospital, based on their developmental changes- Question 13- Consider the NMBA Code of Conduct principles 3-2 and 3-3, discuss three -3- considerations you would apply when gathering information from Fei Hong or her family during admission, planning for discharge or conducting an assessment- Question 14- Yu Yan and Fei Hong have a complex family- Fei Hong lives with her daughter and her family and Yu Yan is very involved in the care of her mother- In 50 words, explain why it is important to include Yu Yan in the planning of her mother's care and describe two -2- techniques nurses can use to increase a family's involvement in the care of their loved one during hospitalisation- Question 15- Disease and illness can be triggered by a number of causes, no matter the age of a person- These conditions can impact people in different ways- For each cause listed below, specify at least one -1-• Condition/ disorder triggered by the identified cause-• physical impact it may have on the client,• emotional and mental impact on the client Question 16- Cellular adaptation refers to changes made by a cell in response to adverse environmental changes- List the five -5- major types of cellular adaptation, and write one sentence for each, explaining what it is- Question 17- Explain each of the life processes listed below, in less than 100 words each-• Metabolism• Nutrition• Body temperature regulation• Biological maturation• Inheritance and ageing Question 18- On examination of Fei Hong, you note that she is Edentulous -has no-natural teeth-- Outline two -2- nursing interventions that may assist you to care for Fei Hong relating to this situation- Attachment:- Assessing physical health status-rar

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