Describe the proposed strategy and Describe the proposed

Assignment Detail:- PRJ6001 Applied Project - Asia Pacific International College Assessment: Project Procedure and Evaluation - Data Analysis Topic - Impact of the CoVid-19 pandemic on the construction industry in Australia Assessment Detail A report outlining how the project was conducted, the data was collected and analysed and an evaluation of key findings in comparison to other published reports on a similar topic- For Assessment Part 2 you need to prepare an outline of your proposed research topic and research plan for collecting and analysing the data relevant to the research topic using a structure like shown below: 1- Project Title: 2- Research Overview and Justification: 3- Methodology: Describe the proposed strategy- 4- Data Analysis: Describe the proposed analysis strategy briefly- 5- Results: An indication of what results are expected- 6- Ethical issues: This section would cover any ethical issues that were considered in the research- 7- Significance of the research of the project- 8- References and Resources: provide references to key research studies, government reports and/or industry reports using Harvard Referencing-

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