Describe the process in your organisation that is intended

Assignment Detail:- CPCCBS6003 Apply legal and ethical requirements to building surveying functions Assessment - Enforcement Procedures This assessment task applies to all classes of building- Part A - Complaints processingDescribe what processes are -or should be- in place to deal with advice or complaints regarding non-compliant or unsafe building works that are identified or received- Note the process by which complaints in relation to building and development may be lodged with your organisation- Discuss how effective this process is in practice and note any means that you consider would improve that process- Part B - Compliance legislationIdentify the legislation -include the name of the legislation and the relevant section- that gives power to take enforcement action when properties or buildings are found to be non-compliant or posing a risk to public health and safety-1- Describe the process for issuing of building orders and/or notices in your local area- -1 page-2- Define what is meant by admissible evidence- Describe what steps that you can take to ensure that evidence that is collected by you is admissible in a court or arbitration hearing- -2 pages-3- Describe the process for arbitration hearings and court proceedings relating to building disputes in your state- Under what circumstances are you able to represent a client at a hearing???? -2 pages- Part C - Statutory enforcementDescribe the statutory enforcement procedures that must be followed in your state to ensure that remedies to building works are completed within specified timeframes and to required standards of compliance- Part D - RecordsDescribe the process in your organisation that is intended to ensure that accurate, detailed and current records and findings are used when dealing with clients or other stakeholders-  

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