Describe the potential physical, psychological, social and

Assignment Detail:- SCP103 Self-Care Practices - Torrens University Australia Learning Outcome 1: Define the concept of stress, burn out and resilience and outline the physiological, emotional and behavioural responses to stress- Learning Outcome 2: Describe the potential physical, psychological, social and professional outcomes of acute and/or sustained stress- Portfolio Context: The portfolio aims to help you demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of self-care practices by analysing their influence on health and wellbeing as a nurse- It gives you the opportunity to reflect on the application of your acquired knowledge in this subject, while further developing your critical analysis and writing skills- This portfolio: part B requires you to apply your knowledge of stress and burnout to recognise their signs and their long-term implications in a nurse, as well as to educate this nurse on stress and burnout prevention and resilience building- Instructions: In portfolio: part b, you should:- Consider the nurses' profiles provided in the Assessment Resources folder for this assessment task in Blackboard-- Select one nurse profile from the ones provided-- Reflect on the nurse profile characteristics and, drawing from your learning resources and independent research,: 1- Provide a definition of stress and burnout that the nurse will be more likely to experience, including examples of physiological, emotional and behavioural stressor responses- 2- Identify and explain potential impacts of long-term stress and burnout, focusing specifically on the nurse's stressors: financial situation, relationships and professional career- 3- Outline and explain the way you would educate this nurse on stress and burnout prevention and resilience building- Consider factors such as age, culture, religion and professional boundaries in this answer- - Compile your reflective journal entries into one -1- Word document under an introduction paragraph for your final assessment submission-o In the introduction paragraph, present your chosen nurse profile's main characteristics- Attachment:- Self-Care Practices-rar

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