Describe the impact the changes/opportunities/new ideas and

Assignment Detail:- Section: Continuous improvement and innovation monitoring and evaluation Monitor and evaluate performance-Continuous improvement systems, processes and innovation evaluationHow well you are the continuous improvement systems, innovations and processes are working????Recognise successesWhat continuous improvement successes can be celebrated????Insert a screen shot of your email to team members or attach proof of the draft email to this section of the portfolio-Continuous improvement or innovation failure -non-performance-Describe the failure and analyse the causes-Attach proof of implemented contingency measures-New challenges and opportunitiesWhat are new challenges and opportunities???? Manage new challenges and opportunities-Update Continuous Improvement plan to show new challenges or opportunities- Also confirm that knowledge management systems have been used as planned-Continuous Improvement Plan for -Add business name-Objectives and KPIs of the planList the KPIS associated with the objectives of continuous improvement in your organisation- You have already developed objectives for continuous improvement in Section 1-Continuous improvement systems and processesEstablish the continuous improvement systems and processes that will be followed as you implement changes, opportunities, or new ideas-Key actions, resources, constraints and timeframesDescribe key actions, resources, constraints, and timeframes to achieve continuous improvement and innovation as you implement your chosen changes/opportunities/new ideas- List at least six key actions- ImpactDescribe the impact the changes/opportunities/new ideas and associated actions will have on the organisation or work area as well as the consequences for people-Describe actions or transition plans -following the policies and procedures that address approvals, project management and change management- that to will be taken to manage this- Risk managementPlan to manage the risks associated with your Continuous Improvement plan- One risk should be Non-performance of staff members- CommunicationDescribe how the continuous improvement and innovation plan will be communicated- RewardsOutline the rewards that will be put in place for staff for achievements in relation to continuous improvement, innovation, and learning- Knowledge managementSelect which of the activities below tare used as part of your organisation's knowledge management system to capture learnings from continuous improvement and innovation- Attachment:- Project Portfolio-rar  

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