Describe the ethical dilemma confronting the owners of The

Assignment Detail:- Case Study 1 Stone & Wood Question 1 Responsible business themes There are numerous examples of responsible business practices throughout the Stone & Wood case study- Utilising the following themes collate these practices and identify elements that reflect responsibility in business:- localisation;- social innovation;- manage environmental footprint- Question 2 Business strategyStone & Wood's four-part business strategy has succeeded in building a business from a zero base to a company with a market valuation of $500,000,000 in less than 14 years- Discuss the critically important social, ethical, environmental and long-term economic elements of their business strategy- Question 3 A responsible business Do you consider Stone & Wood to be an ethical and sustainable business???? Support your view with examples from the case study- Case Study 2 The Pizzeria The Pizzeria is a small takeaway and home delivery pizza restaurant that has two owner-managers and five additional staff including the main chef and apprentice cook- The business premises situated in the busy regional city of Lismore, New South Wales, consist of a angle storey shop front with a small garden and roof Lop with a few chairs where staff can relax- Although The Pizzeria has a large menu we focus our attention on their signature pizza, the famous margarita, cooked in a wood-fired brick oven and delivered in the owner's Nissan Micro- Required1- List all of the ingredients -food inputs- required to make a margarita pizza- 2- Identify the steps in the standard system for making a margarita pizza including preparation, cooking and packaging- 3- Identify the main raw material and energy inputs and waste outputs during the production and distribution of a margarita pizza through toconsumer disposal- 4- Suggest two improvements in the design of the margarita pizza and/or its packaging that could make it more sustainable; for example, think of ways energy consumption, waste and pollution could be reduced- 5- Suggest two improvements in the design of the pizza production system within the shop that could reduce water, energy or transport service consumption, waste or pollution- The owners of The Pizzeria seek your advice on an ethical problem- They setup this business as a family business 10 years ago with the intention of providing long term financial security for their family of five- They are good friends with their main pizza chef who has worked tirelessly to build the business since it began- The owners' son can also cook, and is currently unemployed- There are insufficient sales to enable two full time chefs- Their loyalty is torn between a long-time friend and business colleague, and what's best for their family- 1- Describe the ethical dilemma confronting the owners of The Pizzeria- 2- What do you recommend they should do???? Provide a strong and rational argument to support your view- Identify additional information you need to more fully understand this dilemma-

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