Describe the diffusion of innovation theory and why a

Assignment Detail:- BSBSTR601 Manage innovation and continuous improvement Part 1 - Knowledge Questions Question 1 Outline two methods for conducting cost-benefit analysis- Question 2 List 2 barriers to productivity improvement within an organisation that can be caused due to ineffective knowledge management systems- Question 3 What principles are important to keep in mind when gathering evidence and information to evaluate continuous improvement systems and processes???? Question 4 a- Describe two creativity theories and their application to workplace innovation-b- Describe the diffusion of innovation theory and why a manager implementing an innovation may find this theory useful- Question 5 a- Outline the concept of a learning organisation-b- Explain the concept of shared vision as an important organisational learning principle-c- Explain the concept of team learning as an important organisational learning principle- Question 6 a- Identify and discuss in detail five quality management and continuous improvement theories-b- Discuss the implications for businesses of Kotter's 8-Step change model for transformational change-c- Explain the purpose of the ISO 9000 Standards for Quality Management and the standards that are included- Question 7 a- Describe the concept of risk as identified in the Australia/New Zealand Standard for Risk Management -AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009--b- Describe the concept of risk management and outline the factors that make a risk management system successful and the factors that may inhibit effective risk management-c- describe the seven steps in the risk management process as outlined in AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009- Question 8 a- What is a supply chain????b- Describe the potential impacts of a loosely coupled system on the cooperative culture of the organisation- Question 9 How can a gap analysis be used to test whether an organisation has an existing creative culture???? Question 10 a- Identify and outline three different sustainability practices common in Australian workplaces-b- What organisational characteristics are likely to inhibit innovation????  

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