Describe statistical methods and techniques, including

Assignment Detail:- BSBMKG501 Identify and Evaluate Marketing Opportunities Question 1Outline key provisions of relevant legislation, codes of practice and national standards affecting marketing operations- Question 2Explain principles of marketing and marketing mix- Question 3Describe statistical methods and techniques, including forecasting techniques,to evaluate marketing opportunities- Assessment Event 2 - Emu Fitness Simulation In this simulation, you will take the role of Marketing Specialist for a fitness and health organisation called Emu Fitness- In this role, you will show your skills in identifying, evaluating and taking advantage of marketing opportunities- You will undertake an analysis of the market data and information, review the characteristics and trends, and then assess the viability of changes to its current operations- Part 1: Identify marketing opportunitiesIn this task, you will focus on an analysis of the external market in particular variables such as consumer interests, technology, competition etc- in an attempt to identify potential marketing opportunities- 1-1 Analyse information on market1-2 Research potential new markets1-3 Explore entrepreneurial approaches for their potential business application Part 2: Investigate marketing opportunitiesIn this task, you will review your two marketing opportunities for alignment with the organisations capability- This analysis will lead to an estimation of the return on investment and from this the development of a priorities matrix-2-1 Analyse fit between marketing opportunities and organisational goals and capabilities2-2 Evaluate each opportunity to determine impact on business and customer base2-3 Determine probable return on investment2-4 Determine potential competitors2-5 Describe and rank marketing opportunities Part 3: Evaluate required changes to current operationsIn this task, you will develop strategies and resources to ensure that Emu Fitness can provide quality customer service to its current members which will take advantage of the planned marketing opportunities-3-1 Identify and document changes and resources required for current operations3-2 Communicate viability of changes to current operations3-3 Document newly identified report on marketing opportunities and required changes to Attachment:- Evaluate Marketing Opportunities-rar

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