Describe parallels between the foundations of a biblical

Assignment Detail:- EDEC102 Foundations of Early Childhood Concepts, Constructions and Experiences of being a Child and Childhood LO 1- Describe parallels between the foundations of a biblical worldview and the foundations of early childhood education -ECE--LO 2- Describe and discuss childhood as socially constructed, with historical variations in conceptualisation and notions of the child-LO 3- Describe and define a range of philosophical and theoretical contributions to current concepts of childhood and illustrate how concepts of childhood shape the consequent care, management and education of young children-LO 4- Compare various learning and developmental theories and their influence in current programming-LO 5- Describe current roles, responsibilities, and requirements of professionals in early childhood settings-LO 6- Explain and critique the philosophical perspectives of current professional practice and curriculum documents and frameworks- Assessment 1: Reflective Writing -500 words equivalent- Students describe and reflect on their own image of the child, and compare this to one of the theorists introduced in the subject- Introduction- Discuss the importance of your Image of the child and how will influence your teaching -100 words- Using statements beginning with "I believe", construct sentences using the 5 words you used to describe YOUR Image of the child in slide 16- -150 words- Introduce ONE of the Early Childhood Developmental Theorists and compare how your image of the child agrees or contradicts with the theorists- -150 words- Conclude your writing with a proposal of your suggested practice- -100 words- Critical Reflectionidentifying and exploring our own thoughts, feelings, and experiences and then making a decision about how they fit in with the ideas, concepts, and theories that you are aware of, learning more about or others have been discussing and sharing- Assessment 2: "Viewing children as active participants and decision makers opens up possibilities for educators to move beyond pre-conceived expectations about what children can do and learn- This requires educators to respect and work with each child's unique qualities and abilities-" -EYLF p- 10- Part: With reference to the above quote from the EYLF and two theorists from the lists below, discuss how children develop- You must choose one theorist from List -A- and one theorist from List -B-- List -A- List -B- -see Week 3 lecture slides-Rousseau WesleyFroebel AquinasLockePestalozzi

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