Describe modern tools and the contexts for their

Assignment Detail:- SENG205 Software Engineering - Kent Institute Australia Assessment: Project Report Learning Outcome 1: Describe compare and contrast various methodologies for software development processes Learning Outcome 2: Importance of and approaches to project and change management Learning Outcome 3: Describe modern tools and the contexts for their appropriate use for software development, configuration, support, installation, and managing incremental updates Learning Outcome 4: Be able to select an appropriate development method for a complex problem and give technical reasons for the choice Learning Outcome 5: Be able to define adequate metrics over a defined software process and critically and objectively determine its capability level and course of action towards improvement Learning Outcome 6: Be able to gather requirements, develop specifications, design, implement and test a prototype individually and in a team- Assessment Part - Complete Project Documentation ASSESSMENT DESCRIPTION:Your Assessment 3 will be Complete Project Documentation presented as a formal report to the client showing plans, detailed requirements elicitation, detailed requirements analysis and prioritization, high level design, detailed component design, justifications for the choice of software development models, create a Hi-Fidelity prototype following the design principles learned as part of the unit, formal documentation, budget breakdown, and detailed project timeline- You need to write 3000 words report for Assessment 2- You need to work in groups of 4-5 students- Further details of assignment is provided on the Moodle site in "Project Outline" Document in Assessment Briefs folder- The students contribution and performance towards preparing the report will be accessed via peer review document- Project Outline:Yeti Restaurant Pty- Ltd- is a Sydney based restaurant and expertise in Nepalese, Indian & Pakistani cuisine since 2013- Yeti Restaurant provides a wide range of food services to its customers and perform business with its partners network for promotion and branding, suppliers, its employees- In particular, Yeti restaurant wants to expand its business in new height and restaurant owner is serious in making the business process effective to serve the customers in a minimal time- Right now, Yeti restaurant is run by the legacy system- The customers need to attend the restaurant and make orders in front of the counter- The food orders placed by the customers are processed and sent to the kitchen- The invoice is generated once the order is placed, and the customers are expected to pay the bill- The main problem here is customers' wait time- The average wait time for the customer is nearly 15-20 minutes to be served the food items- The restaurant owner wants to reduce the wait time for the food orders and maintain customer retentions- He decided to create the web application system by implementing React JS -for usability- so that the customers can make the order online and they do not have to wait in queue in restaurant- Once the food is prepared, the kitchen staff send the notification to the customer for dine in or take away- If customer wants to take away the food, he/she is free to choose the third-party delivery service- If customers want to dine in for dinner, they must book the table online based on the no- of tables left- In this time, the manager is given a responsibility to set up an online system to handle the food orders on time, thereby wants to replace their legacy system with online "Restaurant Management System"- The system is expected to perform several operations which includes processing of orders, inventory, generating reports, table booking, customer loyalty program and so on- The new online system assists in processing customer orders and sent to the kitchen- The invoice is generated, and the customers pay the bill online, then order will be dispatched- Every order is clearly recorded for sales report generation purposes- When a slack in the inventory is notified, the manager places purchase orders to the respective suppliers- The manager is responsible for all the inventory records for future references- The manager must be able to generate exclusive reports with regard to the sales and inventory statuses at any time- The online restaurant management system also aimed to manage the staffing and timetables- Working hours of staff will be recorded into this system and helps in generating the payslip every fortnight- The challenge Yeti Restaurant Pty- Ltd decided to improve their current service for online orders, staffing, timetables and introduce a new set of tasks- The new application is supposed to include: • Online food order and instant payment processing• Custom reporting functionality• Staffing and pay slip generations• Online booking of tables for dine in• Maintaining loyalty program for customers- The company's main goal is to introduce the online food ordering & instant payment processing along with staffing and pay slip generation, inventory management, and implement the needed functionality- Yeti Restaurant Pty- Ltd is determined to build these features using AngularJS, React JS to improve the usability and ASP-net- Therefore, they selected your team of developers with your expertise in creating solutions by considering your strong skills in ASP-net, AngularJS and ReactJS development- As Yeti Restaurant Pty- Ltd- will be providing its service in cloud to maintain the processing speed, security, reliability and, other required competencies including knowledge of React JS, MVC tools, MS SQL, and Microsoft Azure- Attachment:- Software Engineering Project-rar

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