Describe how the services provided by a bookkeeper differs

Assignment Detail:- FNSTPB402 Establish and Maintain Payroll Systems - Crown Institute of Business and Technology Payroll Preparation Report Scope of servicesDescribe the scope of payroll services that a BAS Agent can provide- Describe how the services provided by a bookkeeper differs to that of a registered BAS Agent- ExpertsLocate, and record the details of, at least two local experts who could help if assistance was required with payroll services- Give the name of the individuals or companies, their contact details, and the services they provide- TerminationName and outline the legislation that covers notice of termination and final pay for Australian workers- Use the Fair Work Ombudsman website to help you identify how much notice Oz Office Supplies' employees must be given if their employment is to be terminated- List also the company's payroll obligations to the terminated employee if Oz Office Supplies decides to pay the employee out rather than let them work out their notice period- Attachment:- Payroll Preparation Report Template-rar

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