Describe different solutions considered that may solve the

Assignment Detail:- MIS611 Information Systems Capstone - Torrens University Australia Assessment - Solution Prototype Document Learning Outcome 1: Analyse relevant industry challenges to support the development of IS solutions for addressing organisational problems-Learning Outcome 2: Produce the appropriate documentation aligned to the project delivery methodology to evidence project progress with project stakeholdersLearning Outcome 3: Integrate professional skills to complete individual and team tasks in collaboration with team members to develop a product solution that meets stakeholder needs Part SummaryFor this assessment, you as a group is entering the second phase of your assessment process - Assessment 2, where your key output will be a Solution Prototype Document- By now your team would have completed the first phase via the delivery of the Stakeholder Requirements Document - the key output of Assessment 1- It is important to note that consistency and continuity from one assessment to the next are vital in this project-You will need to ensure that you use the project approach as advised in Assessment 1- This means that your solution needs to address the requirements documented in Assessment 1 Stakeholder Requirements Document- For Assessment 2 - Solution Prototype Document, you as a team is required to complete a 4000-words report outlining the various aspects of your solution- It is expected that you will demonstrate how the solution addresses the requirements outline in Assessment 1- A variety of prototyping tools are available to you-However, will need to discuss your selection with your learning facilitator to establish feasibility of the team's approach- The Solution Prototype Document should describe elements of the Solution Prototype using the appropriate tools for processes, data and interfaces- ContextIn the previous assessment, you demonstrated your proficiency in the requirements analysis and documentation process in alignment with the project framework that you selected- In this phase of the assessment cycle, you will design and develop your solution prototype in alignment with your selected project approach in response to the requirements elicited and documented- As outlined in Assessment 1, this will reflect your professional capability to demonstrate continuity of practice, progressive use of project frameworks and their appropriately aligned methods, tools and techniques- Part Instructions1- Review your subject notes to establish the relevant area of investigation that applies to the case- Re- read any relevant readings for this subject-2- Plan how you will structure your ideas for your report and write a report plan before you start writing- Graphical representation of ideas and diagrams are encouraged but must be anchored in the context of the material, explained, and justified for inclusion- No Executive Summary is required- 3- Write a 4000 words Solution Prototype Document outlining the various aspects of your solution that addresses the requirements outline in Assessment 1- 4- The stakeholder requirements document should consist of the following structure:A title page with the subject code and subject name, assignment title, case organisation/client's name, student's names and numbers and lecturer's name Design Brief: Using information from the Stakeholder Requirements Document create a Design Brief which outlines the specific problems that need to be addressed, goals of the Solution Prototype, constraints, timelines, risks and mitigations- This should include reference to the project approach whether it is linear or iterative- -1000 words- Three different solution scenarios which describe different solutions considered that may solve the problem outlined in the problem statement- -900 words- Solution prototyping: outline your prototyping strategy and describe the different prototyping tools and techniques that you have used to arrive at your final prototype solution, and their benefits- -600 words- A Solution Blueprint outlining -800 words-:a- User Experience -200 words-b- Processes and touchpoints -200 words-c- User interface requirements -including accessibility- -400 words-Examples and evidence of prototyping e-g- mock-ups, interface designs etc- -diagrams - no word count- Security considerations related to your solution design- -200 words- Ethical considerations in your solution design- -200 words- Solution Evaluation Use the approach appropriate criteria to assess your solution to determine whether it meets the needs of your case organisation/client as detailed in the Stakeholder Requirements Document- -200 words- Conclusion -100 words- ReferencingIt is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research- Attachment:- Prototype Document-rar

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