Describe briefly the area of practice and common issues for

Assignment Detail:- Assessment: Essay Social Work Foundation This assignment involves overviewing an area of social work practice that interests you, outlining some of the key issues, social work principles and the theoretical frameworks that relate to this area, and exploring ethical dilemmas that may emerge in that area of practice- You should: Question 1: Describe briefly the area of practice and common issues for clients in that area Question 2: Identify what social work ethical principles, and other parts of the AASW Code of Ethics, relate to that area Question 3: Identify a theoretical framework that can be used to understand the issues in your chosen area of practice Question 4: Discuss some potential ethical issues or dilemmas that may arise in relation to this area of practice -e-g- where organisational imperatives conflict with social work values-- Word count: 1500 Referencing style APA 6th edition You can choose fromChild protectionYouth workJuvenile justiceDisabilityDomestic violence Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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