Describe and explain how your role play followed Egan's

Assignment Detail:- Reflective essay Students are required to submit a written analysis of their role play, with the following: • Describe and explain how your role play followed Egan's framework and achieved a person-centred approach- Provide examples from your role play to illustrate your comments- • Describe and give examples of the counselling skills you used in your role play -using Egan's correct terms- • Explain how you collaborated with the client to set goal's and what goal/s you set • Critically evaluate how you performed as the counsellor- What strengths and limitations did you observed???? Where did you struggle and what impact did this have on the process of the session???? What could you have done differently???? Use APA 7 referencing- Your reflective essay should include at least 8 -scholarly- journal articles read and/or textbook references- CASE STUDY - STEVE AND MARY Steve and Mary fell in love and married- They often spoke of having children but first wanted to ensure they were financially secure so that Mary could take time off to be with the children and vice versa if Steve wanted to apply for paternal leave- In the meantime they bought a lovely home and furnished it, and went on several holidays together- Both Steve and Mary had fantastic careers- They seemed to be climbing the corporate ladder and friends would comment on their playful but competitive natures- Life was close to perfect- Talk in their marriage returned to children- Steve and Mary wanted children, but Mary didn't want to take a break from her career- Steve was concerned about maintaining the high mortgage repayments on one wage- Through discussions Mary felt that Steve wanted her to somehow have a child but still retain her wage- Mary felt that Steve could take a part-time second job to support her while she bad his child- Over a period of time they stopped talking, concentrating on their careers and leading separate lives- They took up different hobbies, Mary played tennis and Steve played squash- Mary went to the movies with the girls and Steve went to the pub with the boys- Eventually, they moved into separate bedrooms- They have become disengaged- It is Mary who makes the initial call to the counsellor- She feels a nagging sense of' discontent about her life and her relationship with Steve- She is hoping counselling will help resolve this-

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