Demonstrate your understanding of the various contextual


Doug's story demonstrates a number of issues encountered by patients in the healthcare system. Your task is to explore these issues, specifically:

1. Demonstrate your understanding of the various contextual factors presented in this case. How might these factors be contributing to Doug's health?

2. Evaluate how the communication processes and methods used between health professionals and institutions affected Doug's experience and outcomes.

3. Discuss the models of teamwork demonstrated in this scenario, evaluating these for effectiveness.

4. Describe and consider how the clinical reasoning process was implemented in this case and how it could have been improved.

- Your response will be in the form of a 1,500(+/-10%) word academic essay.
- This essay will have an introduction, body and conclusion.
- You will support your information through references from creditable sources.
- Referencing will be in the APA6 referencing style.
- There will be a minimum of 7 references.

Attachment:- Case.rar


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