Demonstrate your understanding of marketing theory as it

Assignment Detail:- BUMKT5902 Marketing Management - Federation University Assessment - Product/Service Pitch and Target Market Avatars Part A Report and Part B Presentation You are required to demonstrate your understanding of marketing theory as it relates to a real world setting- This assessment relates to the content we cover in Topics 4-8, use these lectures and resources as a guide to what you need to consider in your assessment- You will perform better in the assignment if you are able to integrate marketing theory into your analysis and use academic theory to justify your proposals- Your scenario for Assessment 2: Following on with your consultancy work for your chosen company, you are now required to respond to your client's desires to launch a new product/service -choose product or service as you deem relevant to your client-- Part A - ReportYou are required to prepare a 1500 word report which provides 1- an overview of your market segmentation, targeting and positioning, including a detailed target market avatar, and 2- an overview of your product/service pitch- You will also prepare a 10 minute recorded pitch for your product or service to convince your client this is the way to go- In preparing ths Assessment, you need to demonstrate you have built on your ideas and any feedback received in Assessment 1, use your research from Assessment 1 to justify decisions about your target market avatars, their wants and needs, and similarly, justify the decision you make for your new product/service with this evidence- Of course, you should also bring in new research where relevant- For this assessment, as you are building on research from Assessment 1 and developing further in this assessment, you should include a minimum of 15 academic references and 6-7 contemporary reputable industry sources-Report Structure - Use the following structure to organise your report:Title page Executive Summary Table of Contents1-0 Introduction2-0 Scope of Report - summary of consulting work so far -i-e- a few key points from your Assessment 1 and include any responses to feedback or refinments in your thinking- and purpose of reportSegmentation, targeting and positioning strategyInclude relevant subheadings4-0 Product/Service PitchConclusion References Part B - PresentationTo complete Part B -you need to prepare and deliver a professional quality presentation to pitch your new product idea to your ‘client'- The presentation should be based on the content of your report, following a similar structure- Your presentation is assessed on the quality of your presentation and pitching skills, but should still be well- informed and demonstrate your ideas are based on research and evidence- It is expected that students will appear in the recorded presentation - please don't just read your slides and record the slides- Remember to structure your presentation - a suggested sequence is:1- Introduction and overview of scope2- Segmentation/Targeting/Positioning3- Avatar4- Product5- Concluding comments Attachment:- Service Pitch and Target Market Avatars-rar

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