Demonstrate your understanding of e-Commerce principles,

Assignment Detail:- CMP1042 Information Systems - Academy of Information Technology Assessment - e-Commerce Design Proposal Assessment PurposeThis assessment provides you the chance to demonstrate your understanding of:a- e-Commerce principles, particularly strategies for success;b- hardware, software and networking components;c- systems development principles; andd- ethics and security- Assessment PartSubmit a 1500-word report in MS Word -or equivalent-, as described in the Assessment Instructions on the following page- Assessment InstructionsRead the case study associated with this assessment, then prepare a report, proposing a solution to the requirements of the business- The case study can be found on the learning management system alongside this brief, or will be provided to you by your facilitator- If you are unable to find it, please contact your facilitator-Based on the scenario in the case study, develop a project proposal -1500 words-, which you will present to the key stakeholders- Proposal StructureYour proposal should cover the nine -9- elements requested in the case study, and include the following eight -8- sections- 1- Introduction/Background: An summary of why this proposal is being made and what it aims to achieve -50 words-- 2- Scope of the Project: List the elements being included or considered in the project -100 words- 3- Stakeholders: List five -5- key stakeholders and what information they should receive -50 words-- 4- Technology: Explain the proposed hardware, software, network and database technology that could be implemented based on the case study expectations -800 words-- 5- Implementation Plan: -Not included in word count-- Explain the tasks required for the project and when they will be undertaken- E-g-, using a Work Breakdown Structure -WBS- and implementation schedule -Gantt chart-- 6- Risk Analysis: List three -3- major risks related to system bugs and project deliverables that might be encountered, their risk level and how they will be mitigated -100 words-- 7- Security, Legal, Ethical: Explain how the system will be made secure, how data will be stored ethically and in line with legal regulations -250 words-- 8- Future Enhancements: Specify the additional components, features, functions or developments that could be applied to the system -E-g- mobile app, social media, search-engine optimisation- -100 words-- Attachment:- Information Systems-rar

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