Demonstrate your knowledge on how to provide on-the-job

Assignment Detail:- SITXHRM001 Coach others in job skills Project: The purpose of this task is to demonstrate your knowledge on how to provide on-the-job coaching to colleagues- It requires the ability to explain and demonstrate specific skills, knowledge and procedures and monitor the progress of colleagues until they are able to operate independently of the coach- Your task You are required to refer to the ‘How to Guide' -Appendix 1-- Demonstrate your knowledge by conducting research to outline the points provided- Section 1: Communication techniques suitable to a workplace training context1-1 Why is effective communication important in coaching colleagues????1-2 Explain the 5 different techniques coaches use to communicate with their colleagues in a workplace training context 1-3 What does communication training refer to???? Why is it vital to participate in communication training???? Why do individuals undergo communication training????1-4 What is the purpose of workplace communication training???? Detail your response-1-5 Why is it beneficial to undergo management communication training- How do you ensure training is effective???? Section 2: Objectives and scope of the coaching2-1 What is the purpose of coaching????2-2 List three things that are encouraged from the coaching approach 2-3 What is the overall objective of workplace coaching???? 2-4 Outline the scope of coaching in the workplace 2-5 Describe the coaching approach and explain the overall objective of coaching-2-6 Describe at least 3 situations when coaching will be most effectively employed2-7 What is a coach in the workplace????2-8 What is the GROW model for coaching???? Section 3: Factors which impact need for coaching3-1 Outline the three factors below which impact the need for coaching colleagues in the workplace direction from colleagues own observation and workplace experience request for coaching from colleagues to be coached Section 4: Key principles of training4-1 Outline the 6 key principles of training Section 5: Legislative work health and safety and hygiene requirements5-1 What is work health and safety -WHS-????5-2 What are the benefits of WHS in your business- Provide 4 examples 5-3 Each state has its own WHS laws and a regulator to enforce them- The WHS framework for each state includes the following: Act, regulations, codes of practice, regulating agency -regulator-Provide a description for each- 5-4 What are the WHS requirements in your state or territory5-5 What is food safety governed by????5-6 There are five standards that are particularly important for food handlers and food safety supervisors - what are they???? 5-7 What are the objectives and principles underpinning health and safety legislation????5-8 What is hygiene requirements????5-9 What are the 6 basic food hygiene rules???? Section 6: Possible causes of performance problems or difficulties6-1 Explain the 5 possible causes of performance problems or difficulties in relation to coaching colleagues Attachment:- Coach others in job skills-rar

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