Demonstrate your knowledge of marketing concepts and

Assignment Detail:- MKT5902 Marketing Management Assessment Part - Marketing Mix Strategy The Launch of Eco-friendly Jeans in Australia You are required to demonstrate your knowledge of marketing concepts and theories and your skills in researching and critically analysing solutions to provide practical marketing strategy recommendations- This assessment relates to the content we cover in Topics 7-12, use these lectures and resources as a guide to what you need to consider in your assessment- You will perform better in the assessment if you are able to integrate marketing theory into your analysis and use academic theory to justify your proposals- Your scenario for Assessment 3: Following on from your two previous consulting jobs for your chosen company, your client has now asked you to prepare a Marketing Mix Strategy to help them take their new product/service to market- You are required to prepare a 2000 word report which includes an integrated and justified plan for the product launch and first year of sales- While basic marketing mix -4Ps- should be the focus of this report, you need to specify service extensions -3Ps - People, Process and Physical Evidence- when appropriate depending on the marketing offering you are launching- In your discussion of the marketing mix elements, following elements should be included; Product• Apply three levels of product AND/OR Service characteristics Price• Clearly specify the major pricing strategy and justify Place• Marketing channels you intend to utilize and justification Promotions• What promotions mix elements you use and justification- You should particularly discuss the use of social media to promote your new product/service- In the event you decide not to use social media to promote your new product, provide justification to do so- The client is very keen to have a comprehensive understanding of why they would take one approach over another - so where possible, include discussion about why the strategies you suggest are better suited to the client than others, and/or why the strategies might be more successful than other possible options- In preparing this Assessment, you need to demonstrate you have built on your ideas and any feedback received in Assessments 1 and 2, use your research from Assessments 1 and 2 to justify decisions about your integrated marketing mix, and similarly, justify the decisions you make for your launch and marketing plan of the new product/service with this evidence- Of course, you should also bring in new research where relevant- For this assessment, as you are building on research from Assessment 1 and 2 and developing further in this assessment, you should include a minimum of 20 academic references and a minimum of 12 contemporary reputable industry sources- Also - remember we want to communicate as professional marketers would, so draw on your experiences of developing infographics from Assessment 1 to push yourself to present relevant information in figures, graphs or with iconography- Report Structure - Use the following structure to organise your report: Title page Executive Summary Table of Contents1-0 Introduction2-0 Scope of Report - summary of consulting work so far -i-e- a few key points from Assessment 1 + 2, and include any responses to feedback or refinements in your thinking- and purpose of report3-0 Marketing Objectives and KPIsMarketing MixProduct StrategyPrice StrategyPlace StrategyPromotions StrategyService extensions -People, Process and Physical Evidence-5-0 Conclusion ReferencesAppendices -if applicable- Attachment:- Marketing Mix Strategy-rar

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