Demonstrate your knowledge about how to create captions for

Assignment Detail:- The Photographic Essay is a 1,000-word -+/-10%- essay that includes the use of three -3- to five -5- photographs collected during a field trip to a Sydney suburb selected from the list provided below- This independent field trip will take part in week 7 -no lectures or tutorials are timetabled for this unit during this week to give you time to complete this field trip-- Your essay should draw on between three -3- to six -6- academic readings from the provided reading list, as well as other independently researched sources of information- In your answer, you should also utilise your field data -photographs and observations- from your self-guided field trip, refer to the relevant academic literature in the set reading list provided on vUWS, and draw on the knowledge you have gained in the subject- Your field data should be used as evidence to support your academic argument, with specific reference to the features of your photographs being embedded in your essay-The list of suburbs you can choose to complete your field trip in are:AshfieldAuburnBankstownHarris ParkCampsieFive Dock There are two assessable components to this assessment: Photographic Essay Part A and Part B- Photographic Essay Part A is a draft essay, which you will begin in your week 6 tutorial- Instructions for completion of this assessment can be found below- Photographic Essay Part B is the completed version of your essay, which is due in week 9- Note: As part of your submission for Part B of the Photographic essay, you will need to complete a Feedback/Feed-Forward report based on feedback you have received on your Statistical Report and Photographic Essay Part A- Note that the Feedback/Feed-Forward sheet is worth 10% of the Photographic Essay Part B mark- Goals of the assessment:By the end of the task:1- You will be able to connect your field trip to your chosen suburb and the academic argument of your essay2- You will be able to outline some academic arguments about ethnic diversity in your chosen suburb, and select those that you will focus on in your essay 3- You will demonstrate your knowledge about how to create captions for your photographs4- You will draft an introduction and first essay paragraph, following the guidelines and tips, and submit it for the teacher to provide you with early feedback Note: You should create a Word document and follow all of the steps below in order to complete this task-Part 1- Grounding yourself in theory In the essay you will use your field trip observations and the readings to discuss the following essay question: What are the benefits and challenges of ethnic diversity evident in the cultural landscape of Sydney???? In order to answer this question you will first need to have an understanding of existing arguments about what benefits and challenges of ethnic diversity might exist- Each body paragraph in your essay should engage at least one academic source - either as a direct quote or paraphrasing accompanied by a correctly formatted in-text citation- YOUR TASK:1- Select at least one reading from the reading list that has been provided on vUWS, accessible by clicking on the Readings & Resources link in the left-hand menu-2- Complete a quick read of the selected reading -scan the abstract, introduction and conclusion to see if it seems relevant to the position you want to take in your essay--3- Once you've found a reading that seems directly relevant to you, do a deeper reading of it- Highlight/take note of any quotes that stand out to you as you go- We'll return to this reading soon- Craft your argumentCreate a new Word document and name it ' Essay Draft'- This is what you will submit at the end of this class-In this document, write and then complete the following sentence----In this essay, I will argue that -----Some options:Option 1: This essay will argue that the evidence of ethnic diversity in -chosen suburb- currently reflects its positive consequences-Option 2: This essay will argue that the evidence of ethnic diversity in -chosen suburb - currently reflects its negative consequences-Option 3: This essay will argue that the evidence of ethnic diversity in -chosen suburb - currently reflects both its positive and negative consequences- Now you will turn your argument statement into an introduction- The role of an introduction in an essay is to: 1- Provide a general -historical and/or factual/statistical- background for the topic of your essay- 2- Explain the importance of the topic of your essay -why is the topic important????-- 3- Articulate your argument and provide a brief outline of what follows- YOUR TASK: Write an introduction using the prompts above- Selecting a photo:Our document should now have 4-5 sentences of introduction draft, including your argument statement- Now you will add one more paragraph - the first paragraph of your essay-Each paragraph in the photographic essay should have three elements:1- A photograph that you have taken during the fieldtrip -with the proper caption--• There can be more than one photograph corresponding to a paragraph if these photographs have a similar theme -e-g- religious institutions-- In this case, each photograph should have its own individual caption-2- Your own reflection on how this photograph represents an aspect of the ethnic diversity in your chosen suburb-3- Reference to an academic source -paraphrased or a direct quote- that confirms this consequence of ethnic diversity and reflects on it in theoretical terms-Let's start with the first task of selecting a photograph-Although you haven't gone on your fieldtrip yet, you should have an idea of what kind of photos you intend on taking- Remember: your photos should support the theoretical arguments that you want to make, so what you read in the academic sources should drive your selection process- Take some time to find an image that aligns with the quotes that you highlighted/noted earlier- For the purpose of this task you can either use Google Street View to complete this process, or Google images- If using the latter, you should provide a reference for your chosen image- YOUR TASK: Create a caption for the photograph that you have selected and inserted into your Word document- Place the caption directly below the photograph, as in the example in Caption rules PDF- Make sure that you follow all the rules of caption creation- Drafting your first paragraphThe next step is to describe the photograph in a paragraph and provide your own evaluation of it- What does this photograph depict???? Why is it significant in the context of the essay you are writing???? How does it support your argument???? You should consider doing some research about the subject of your photo in order to develop a better understanding of its significance- You could look at the relevant Local Council website, the local library etc- You can also use Google Street View to provide some further context -e-g- looking at the surrounding area to see what's in the surrounding area-- Note: Always refer to a photograph as Figure 1 -or Figure 2, Figure 3 and so on- in text of the paragraph- YOUR TASK:Create a 3-4 sentence paragraph about the photograph you have selected and how it relates to the quotes that you highlighted/noted earlier-Some guiding questions to start you think:• What is depicted on the photograph and how does it reflect the culture an ethnic group that is strongly respresented in that area, or maybe, it reflects a combination of a number of different cultures????• What does this photograph tell us about an impact of this particular culture and migrants from this background on your chosen suburb and its landscape????• It is a positive or negative impact????• Is this impact felt only by people living in this suburb or the wider society and economy in Sydney???? Referencing:As with any other assessment, you need to include both in-text citations and a reference list- Attachment:- Photographic Essay-rar

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