Demonstrate your cultural capital, and develop Professional

Assignment Detail:- Assessment - Project Report Students are required to work individually to complete Assessment 2- Community scenario B: During your Practicum Experience -CDPP Module 2- at the community organisations/agencies, you have opportunities to work with special needs people -e-g-, people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse -CALD- communities or people with disability etc-- 2-1 Demonstrate your cultural capital, and develop Professional Practice Standards -PPS- that include your cultural competencies in supporting special needs clients who had, have or at risk of COVID19 infection -1,000 words-- 2-2 Demonstrate your psychological capital, and develop Professional Practice Standards -PPS- that reflect your strategies for self-awareness, self-care, resilience, adaptability and reflective practice at your workplace -1,000 words-- Total= 2-1 + 2-2 = 2000 words- Occupation: Mental Health Support Worker in Melbourne- Agency name: Delba Corporation at Narre Warren Melbourne Victoria Australia- Writing structure: please add bold heading below as it is in the assignment- 1- Introduction • The rationales of your community development project 2- Cultural competencies and professional practice standards -PPS- • What does cultural competence -CC- mean???? • Demonstration of cultural capital at workplace o The ‘STAR' -Situation, Part, Action, Result- formula -Richards, 2011-- • Professional practice standards -Cultural PPS- 3- Psychological capital and professional prac8ce standards -PPS- • Psychological factors o Self-awareness, o Self-care, o Resilience, o Adaptability and o Reflec;ve prac;ce • Demonstra;on of psychological capital at workplace • The ‘STAR' -Situa;on, Part, Ac;on, Result- formula -Richards, 2011-- • Professional prac;ce standards -Psychological PPS- 4 Conclusion CDPP structure The ‘STAR' -Situation, Part, Action, Result- formula -Richards, 2011-- • Situation What was the situation???? Put it into context- • Part What were the main issues you faced???? What needed to be done???? What was the desired outcome???? • Action What were the specific steps you took -include allocation resources, people involved etc-- and how does it relate to cultural/psychological capital???? • Results What was the outcome???? Attachment:- Project Report-rar

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