Demonstrate the management of the victim according to the

Assignment Detail:- Assessment Part: A person admitted in your clinical setting was found unconscious on the floor- Demonstrate appropriate nursing interventions following ARC guidelines- You must demonstrate:• Appropriate use of call bells• Use of appropriate emergency codes for this scenario• Use of bag and mask for ventilation• Appropriate CPR techniques on an adult manikin• Use of an AED The assessor will divide candidates into groups of three and allocate three nursing roles - Nurse 1, Nurse 2 and Nurse 3- This assessment will be done as a group task- Role of Nurse 1 - Assess the situation, seek help and continually provide CPR until colleagues arrive- Role of Nurse 2 - Enter the scene when the assessor instructs you to- Nurse 2 will be taking over maintenance of the airway of the client and providing rescue breaths via bag and mask with oxygen- When Nurse 1 is tired or has completed two -2- minutes of CPR, provide CPR to the person and let Nurse 1 take over the airway- Demonstrate the management of the victim according to the Australian Resuscitation Council's guidelines- Role of Nurse 3 - Initiate Code Blue by dialling 5555 from the ward phone and state "This is staff member xxxxxx with a Code Blue emergency for ward 3A - 3 Alpha"- Repeat the message- Take the resuscitation trolley including AED and pads to the victim- Attach AED pads correctly without disturbing the nurse providing CPR and demonstrate the correct use of AED as per the Australian Resuscitation Guideline- Your assessor will guide you with prompting questions and additional events, e-g- "the person is not breathing, what will you do now????"

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