Demonstrate the ability to recognise a deteriorating

Assignment Detail:- Assessment Part - Presentation This assessment task will be a group presentation presented in class by a group of 5-6 students- Your tutor will allocate one of the MET call patient scenario case studies available in the vUWS site -under the Assessment 3 Zone-- Duration: 15 minutes in-class presentation- There is no word limit for this presentation- If you exceed the time by 10%, the marker will stop marking -at 16-5 minutes-- Each member of the group needs to deliver the presentation- All group members are to contribute and present as equally as possible to this presentation- Aim of the Assessment task:The purpose of this assessment task is to enable students to: 1- Demonstrate the ability to recognise a deteriorating patient and escalate care, prioritise in the context of the underlying pathophysiology 2- Demonstrate knowledge of the link between the patient's clinical deterioration and pathophysiology by analysing the information provided in the case study 3- Demonstrate an understanding of the clinical manifestations and recognition of deteriorating patient within the pathophysiological framework using a holistic patient-focused approach 4- Apply the clinical information provided in the case study and describe the appropriate high priority management strategies in the MET call scenario Questions: The presentation should answer all the questions below- Q1- Explain in an oral presentation the high priority clinical manifestations that have resulted in the escalation to MET call using a primary survey format -A-G-- Q2- Describe the pathophysiological link to the identified high priority clinical manifestations and the disease conditions that the patient has- Q3- Discuss the pathophysiological link between the multiple disease conditions that the deteriorating patient has and the clinical presentation- Q4- Discuss TWO diagnostic results and relate it to the underlying pathophysiology- Q5- Explain THREE high priority interventions you will do to improve the patient's clinical condition- Q6- Discuss the pharmacological actions of TWO drugs that could be used in the management of this patient's acute deterioration- Additional Information: • You are to deliver the presentation in-class as a group-• The case study and the group you will be working with needs to be agreed upon and scheduled upon with your class tutor during your face-to-face tutorial in WEEK 1 of the semester-• Your presentation should address all the questions above in relation to the case study-• Accompanying your oral presentation should be the completed group Contribution Log -available under Assessment 3 Zone in vUWS-- This should be submitted to your class tutor before the due date for the presentation- Attachment:- Group Presentation-rar

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