Demonstrate the ability to apply the various frameworks

Assignment Detail:- MGT301A Ethics and Sustainability Assessment Report Learning Outcome 1: Identify questions of ethics and sustainability and analyse how they impact on one's day-to-day work experience- b- Apply a range of ethical frameworks and develop a vocabulary for ethical issues- Learning Outcome 2: Demonstrate the ability to apply the various frameworks that underpin how individuals and organisations makedecisions on complex ethical issues- Learning Outcome 3: Analyse the impact of economic, commercial, social and environmental trends on an organisation's ethical and sustainability behaviours- ContextThis assessment provides you with the opportunity to engage with and apply ethical frameworks to real-world issues- You will select two different organisations of your choice- For each organisation, you are to select an ethical issue they are facing and identify ways of dealing with it- By doing this, you will enhance your ability to ethically address the economic, commercial, social and environmental issues you will face in the workplace-You will complete activities in modules 2-2 -week 4- and 4-2 -week 8- that will prepare you for this assessment task and give you examples of the ethical issues you could choose- Instructions In Assessment 2 Part A, you will address the following questions: • What are two different ethical economic, commercial, social, OR environmental issues that must be managed by two different contemporary organisations????• For EACH iissue identify ONE e of the six ethical frameworks that can help inform you about how to best manage these issues???? o Structure:1- Introduction -75 words-2- Identification of issue 1 -150 words-3- Ethical framework for addressing issue 1 and justification of choice -150 words-4- Identification of issue 2 -150 words-5- Ethical framework for addressing issue 2 and justification of choice -150 words-6- Conclusion -75 words-7- Reference list -excluded from word count- In Assessment 2 Part B, you will address the following question: • How does reflecting about the ethical management of these issues inform your thinking about your future workplace behaviour????» How might you change your behaviour in the future based on what you have learned about the two ethical frameworks????» How does your professional ethics influence how you might behave????» How might the behaviour of senior management influence your behaviour????» How might corporate governance structures influence your behaviour????» How might the culture of the organisation influence your behaviour????» How can ethical codes of conduct be used by organisations to create an ethical culture in organisations????o Structure: 1- Introduction -75 words- 2- Summary of issues and frameworks discussed in Part A -150 words- 3- Reflection on your future workplace behaviour -700 words- 4- Conclusion -75 words- 5- Reference list -excluded from word count--To complete this assessment, you will need to select two ethical issues and then undertake library research to identify a relevant ethical framework for each issue- You will then explain how these theories can be used to identify different ways in which these issues can be handled ethically- Finally, you will reflect on your thinking and describe how undertaking this assignment has developed your thinking about your future workplace behaviour- Attachment:- Ethics and Sustainability-rar

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