Demonstrate that a hybrid costing system is suitable for

Assignment Detail:- HI5017 Managerial Accounting - Holmes Institute Students are required to develop their understanding of the types of management accounting information that assists managers in organisational planning and control purposes- You need to critically evaluate the literature -using journal articles- to analyse the practical use of management accounting information by contemporary organisations, and their relevance to decision- making by managers and achievement of business goals- Assignment Part: You are required to conduct a literature search for this assignment, cite your source-s- and provide a full reference list -as per the Holmes Adapted Harvard Referencing guidelines on pg- 1-2-- Part AManagement accounting is increasingly becoming a critical decision-making process in organizations across the world- In this task, you are to evaluate the future of management accounting work in organisations- Required:Identify several relevant published articles, and three -3- carefully selected recent management accounting job advertisements -Articles to be published from 2000 - current in any country, and jobs advertised only in Australia between 2021 to recently-, and use them to answer the questions below: a- How does management accounting impact organisations???? Include examples from the literature to support your answer- b- Describe any two -2- significant developments that have influenced the focus of management accounting work in organisations today- Include examples from the literature to support your answer- c- i- Based on your three -3- carefully selected job advertisements, evaluate the skills-set required of management accountants in Australian organisations today- ii- In your opinion, do they reflect the demands by today's organisations, as discussed in your answer to -b-???? Explain- d- Based on your findings, provide two -2- recommendations that would inform Australian organisations about the changing roles of today's management accountants- You should access published articles online, from business, accounting or trade magazines, newspapers, relevant business and accounting websites or relevant academic journals -see pg- 4 for ProQuest links to relevant accounting journals-- The chosen articles must be referenced using the Holmes Adapted Harvard Referencing style, with the hyperlink of the articles added in the reference list-Search and read several articles before you select the relevant articles you will use for this assignment- Also, using Holmes Adapted Harvard Referencing style, cite and reference the source of your three -3- management accounting job advertisements, and provide their hyperlinks so the Marker can have access to them- Part Ba- Explain what a hybrid costing system is and explain how it is suited to batch manufacturing production environments- Choose one -1- company that is listed on the ASX by clicking here: asx-listed-companies whereby a hybrid costing system is suitable for its production environment and answer the questions below: b- Describe the nature of your chosen company's operations, production environment and its product-s-- c- -i- Demonstrate that a hybrid costing system is suitable for your chosen company's production process- -ii- Include diagram-s- such as flow charts of the production process and the components of the costing system to illustrate and justify your answer- -Note: You will need to develop the flow chart based on your understanding of your chosen company's operations- You will need to understand the nature of the company's operations to answer this question adequately, so do view the company's annual report, website, and other relevant public information sources- "Maximum 1500 words-" Assignment Structure:The assignment should include the following components:a- Assignment cover page clearly stating your name and student numberb- Abstract -one paragraph-c- Table of contentsd- A brief introduction or overview of what the assignment is about-e- Body of the assignment with appropriate section headingsf- Conclusiong- List of References -follow the Holmes Adapted Harvard Referencing guidelines on pg- 1-2- Attachment:- Managerial Accounting-rar  

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