Demonstrate proficiency in communicating professionally to

Assignment Detail:- ITECH3101 Business Analytics and Decision Support - Federation University Presentation/essay Objectives of assessment task 4 The purpose of this assignment is to:• Critically evaluate the keys to successful business intelligence and analysis for decision support• Communicate professionally to present a coordinated, coherent and independent exposition of knowledge and ideas in dealing with Business Process analytics for IS in general and ES in particular• Reflect on business analytics including major learning you have taken away from this course• How to report results and write an essay Details of assessment task 4 Assessment Part 4: Assignment Part 2 consists of two components: Written documentation and Video presentation- In assessment task 4, you need to create a narrated digital presentation -no more than 15 minutes in length- with supporting documentations-word length: 2000-- 1- Written documentation -word length: 2000- You need to create a documentation that summarizes main concept and techniques as well as addressing the following marking criteria- The purpose of this written documentation is to enable you to demonstrate proficiency in communicating professionally to present a coordinated, coherent and independent exposition of knowledge and ideas in dealing with business process analytics for IT decision support- Your written documentation must include:• An introduction that states your completing the course, where it introduces learning journey of your course such as attending quiz, online test, assignment and weekly study in the current learning environment-• Summarizing ONE of the emerging technologies that may impact analytics, BI, and decision support- Consider why this technology is important and how analytics are powering consumer applications and creating a new opportunity for entrepreneurship for analytics-• Describe and discuss business intelligence and decision support- This should includeo select one of case studies or applications introduced from week 1 to week 11o describe and critically discuss what problems, challenges of the application you selected are and how it would solve the problems and what solutions areo explain and discuss what the principles of the approaches used -e-g-, neural network, clustering, or big data, etc- are• Reflection on the major learning you have taken away from this course and the impact it may or may not play on your current -or future- learning practices- 2- Video presentation You are required to do a presentation -no more than 15 minutes- using visual tools of your choice which clearly addresses the criteria below- This is an assessable component of your assignment- Your video will be a summary version of the assessment task 4- Please ensure that you articulate introduction of yourself; how you complete your weekly lab projects; what the challenges are and how you handle them, and include at least one piece of examples evidence to support your presentation- Attachment:- Business Analytics and Decision Support-rar  

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