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Assignment Detail:- BSBLDR602 Provide leadership across the organisation Part - Performance and Skills Assessment Part summaryThis project assessment task requires you demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to establish ethical standard as well as to apply and promote ethics for an organisation -real or simulated-- This assessment is divided into 3 -three- parts: Part A: Communicate organisational mission and goalsPart B: Influence, build and supportteams and individualsPart C: Demonstrate personal and professional competence You will complete the assessment tasks in a real organisation -your current workplace can be used-- If you are not working, select a workplace / organisation you are familiar with- RequiredYou are required to demonstrate your ability to: • influence, support and provide resources for at least two individuals• influence, support and provide resources for at least one team-• communicate the organisation's objectives, values and standards to a range of stakeholders using appropriate media and language• assign accountabilities to teams according to competencies and operational plans• resource teams according to work objectives• demonstrate ethical conduct and professional competence and continuing professional development• encourage others to adopt business ethics and build their commitment to the organisation Part 2 - Performance and Skills Assessment You are required to select an organisation in order to complete this assessment- An organisation can be a business, charity, association, not-for-profit enterprise or government body- You may select your own organisation -for example, your own business or one you plan to start-; an organisation you have access to, such as a business owned by a friend or family; or your current employer- Alternatively, you can create a hypothetical organisation for the purpose of this assessment- Part A: Communicate organisational and mission goals This task will require you to communicate organisational and mission goals for your chosen organisation- To achieve this, answer the following questions: 1- What is the name of your chosen organisation????2- What are the objectives, values and standards of your chosen organisation????3- How are organisational mission and goals communicated within your organisation???? Describe the media and language used-4- Select a group/team within your organisation and state clear internal expectations for that team5- Select 2 -two- individuals within the team/group selected above and state clear internal expectations for those individuals6- Investigate and describe 1 -one- incident that has occurred within the team- Refer to relevant policies and procedures as needed- Part B: Influence, build and support teams and individuals Now that you have identified incidents on a team and individuals level, you will need to make decisions on how to move forward and facilitate improvements- In order to achieve this task, complete the templates below: How can you facilitate improvements to organisational and workplace policies and procedures to avoid the incidents identified in Part A in the future???? -50-100 words- How can you create and maintain a positive work environment at your chosen organisation???? -50 - 100 words-How can you encourage your team and individuals to develop innovative approaches to work tasks???? Part C: Demonstrate personal and professional competence This task requires you to demonstrate personal and professional competence at your chosen organisation- To achieve this, complete the following task: 1- For the purposes of professional development, you will hold a meeting with the team you described in Parts A and B- During the meeting, you need to do the following:• Set and explain how you aim to achieve objectives and outcomes for this team-• Focus on codes of conduct with particular reference to the incidents you identified in Part A Create and submit a PowerPoint presentation you would use to present the information to relevant stakeholders during the meeting Attachment:- Provide leadership across the organisation-rar

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