Demonstrate in-depth knowledge within specialist

Assignment Detail:- CAS204 Managing Multiculturalism and Diversity Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate broad knowledge of a range of community services theories and frameworks-Learning Outcome 2: Develop an appreciation for the legal framework in which organisations and communities operate- Learning Outcome 3: Demonstrate in-depth knowledge within specialist counselling areas, including alcohol and other drugs, youth, family and mental health- Learning Outcome 4: Develop and apply an understanding of human diversity, including culture, gender, age, ability, class, religion and sexuality- Assessment: Individual Analytical An analytical essay on the following topic: Evaluate why Australia linked multiculturalism to immigration and the impact of this on multiculturalism and diversity in the workplace today???? You must use APA 7 referencing- Your essay should include at least 8 scholarly journal articles that you have read, in addition to any textbook references-

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