Demonstrate in-depth and cross-industry knowledge of the

Assignment Detail:- Assessment - Impact of Tourism, Hospitality and Events - Group Presentation and individual written reflection Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of Management concepts, models and theories- Learning Outcome 2: Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of Management functions as applied in the Hospitality, Tourism and Events industries Learning Outcome 3: Demonstrate in-depth and cross-industry knowledge of the Hospitality, Tourism and Events industries- Learning Outcome 4: Analyse and solve problems or issues, articulate appropriate solutions and justify propositions and/or professional decisions- - Understand the impacts of tourism, hospitality and events related activities on the three pillars of sustainability -social, environmental and economy--- Discuss the demand for social responsibility, environmental ethics and destination stewardship- Part: Group presentation -Verbal- In pairs, present how tourism, hospitality and events influence the triple bottom line -planet, people and economy- in positive and negative ways- Include how these can be managed to reflect current trends and contemporary attitudes towards corporate social responsibility -CSR-, new generations' attitudes towards sustainability and ethics, destination stewardship and global policies on sustainability- Students must present their content in a clear and logical manner as a group, using Microsoft PowerPoint- Each member of the group is required to participate equally in the development and presentation of the content- Verbal questions may be asked by the assessor during and post presentation to clarify understanding and participation from all group members- Written reflectionIndividually and in your own words, reflect on your findings from the presentation and how these will impact tourism, hospitality and events -THE- management in the field of the THE industries you would like to pursue- For both the PowerPoint presentation and the written reflection, students must include in-text references as well as reference list using Harvard Author Date System- Attachment:- Hospitality and Events-rar

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