Demonstrate how you could analyse the performance of staff

Assignment Detail:- Developing the necessary culture and tools Activity: Case study A business has decided to introduce new products- However, they have the option of introducing any of three new products-Establishment costs identified for each product are as follows:Course 1: $50,000Course 2: $75,000Course 3: $100,000Benefits are considered to be:Product 1: Many similar products on the market but easy to sellProduct 2: Easy to sell lots of the productProduct 3: Highly innovative product The business will therefore need to weigh up the costs and benefits and come to a decision based on such- As you can see from this example, it would not be necessarily straight forward- Use a spreadsheet to show calculations that could be made to show the costs and benefits for running each course- You would need to make assumptions and add timeframes to provide a clear picture of the process- The following article also provides interesting guidance on cost benefit analysis: Activity: PracticalUsing a spreadsheet, demonstrate how you could analyse the performance of staff learning activities- You may make assumptions and use dummy data-

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