Demonstrate effective communication and practical problem-

Assignment Detail:- MGT600 Management, People and Teams - Torrens University Australia Assessment - Case Study Presentation and Summary Report Learning Outcome 1: Critically assess the key principles and theories underlying management to achieve high-performing organisations at projects, teams, and individual levels- Learning Outcome 2: Critically evaluate and reflect on effective relationships between people and teams in organisations and projects- Learning Outcome 3: Demonstrate effective communication and practical problem- solving skills to manage people in a range of complex contexts- Learning Outcome 4: Critically reflect on the roles and functions that managers perform in the context of the challenges and risks in the changing global environment- Learning Outcome 5: Develop and justify contemporary management strategies to address a variety of people management issues to ensure best practice and quality outcomes- Assessment PartBased on the case scenario provided, each group is required to submit a case study presentation and a summary report- In doing so, you need to utilise suitable models and frameworks to provide recommendations to achieve the case objectives- This will require the identification, evaluation, and justification of pragmatic approaches to management- Please refer to the Instructions for details on how to complete this task- ContextThough challenging, group assignments are designed to reflect the reality of the workplace- In this instance, it is about people coming together to contribute knowledge, experience, and skills to produce a desired outcome- Such an activity hones your skills in teamwork, communication, project management and personal organisation- This assessment encourages you to develop and apply your knowledge in relation to the key topics of Recruitment and Selection, Managing Talent, Developing People and Teams, and Managing Change- You will continue to work in the same group that you were in for Assessment 1- The group will work together to analyse the given case study and provide recommendations to address the stated objectives- Instructions 1- Case Scenario• Your group is from a well-regarded consultancy firm and has been engaged by your client to provide advice on addressing a variety of challenges- • Please read the attached MGT600-MGMT6009_Assessment 2_Case Scenario- This includes the details of your client and their challenges and objectives- Your brief from the client is to present your findings and recommendations to achieve key strategic objectives over the next two years- 2- Assessment Preparation• To address the case objectives, your consulting team will need to draw upon content from Modules 2, 3, and 4- • Please note that some consideration may need to be given to other module content if deemed relevant- It is also expected that groups conduct research using the module resources and beyond- • For each of the objectives mentioned in the case scenario, you are required to include at least one real-world example from the literature of how other organisations have successfully achieved the same or similar- For each example, you should specify the organisation, the situation it faced, action taken, and outcomes achieved- 3- Oral Presentation• The group presentation can be considered a pitch for your recommendations- • This oral presentation should provide a short introduction, setting of the context and research- The major part of your presentation should focus on the findings, recommendations, and justification- 3- Summary Report• As a group, you are also required to submit a 750-word summary report along with the presentation-• Please structure the summary report as follows: o Cover sheet: Student name, ID number, subject code and name, assessment number and titleo Introduction: Outline the purpose and structure of your report-o Approach -methodology-: Briefly describe how you conducted your research-o Main discussion: Key issues for consideration, findings, and supporting real-life exampleso Recommendations: Provide a summary of your recommendations-o Conclusiono Reference listo Appendices ReferencingIt is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research- Attachment:- Case Study Presentation-rar

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