Demonstrate creativity and flexibility in the application

Assignment Detail:- GSB015 Corporate Strategy and Responsibility - Australian Institute of Management Education and Training Learning Outcome 1: Formulate, implement, monitor and evaluate corporate strategy and distinguish corporate strategy from business strategy utilising recent academic research and contemporary events Learning Outcome 2: Display the necessary leadership behaviours, decision making and risk management knowledge to be effective as an executive leader responsible for corporate strategy Learning Outcome 3: Influence the construction of their organisation's strategic plan from a strategic positioning point of view so that it takes account of both the external environment and internal factors Learning Outcome 4: Articulate and evaluate a range of strategic choices to their organisation with respect to strategy design and execution Learning Outcome 5: Communicate the importance of corporate social responsibility, governance, risk and ethics in strategy formulation, development and execution Learning Outcome 6: Demonstrate a high order of skill in analysis, critical reflection and evaluation and professional application Learning Outcome 7: Demonstrate creativity and flexibility in the application of knowledge and skills to new situations, to resolve problems and to think rigorously and independently The assessment tasks for this unit build on work previously submitted in the Managing, Developing and Implementing Strategy -MDIS- and Leading, Managing and Developing People -LMDP- or their equivalent for students who have received Recognition of Prior Learning -RPL-- The assessment tasks also draw on relevant content and themes from the other units you have completed in the MBA- This approach is consistent with CSR being a capstone unit and encourages you to focus on viewing corporate strategy from an executive leadership perspective- In line with contemporary academic practice on optimising learning outcomes in capstone units, there are six -6- specific meta-goals: 1- Focus learning on problems or opportunities in real world contexts2- Challenge students to select and apply relevant theory/knowledge3- Integrate knowledge and multiple theoretical perspectives4- Promote individual personal growth5- Develop leadership and team process skills6- Create an experience that serves as a rite of passage Current Strategic Issue Analysis Board Report Part description Two contemporary strategic issues will be identified and agreed by the facilitator with the students for analysis and application to their own organisations- Examples of contemporary issues in the past were: the acquisition of Whole Foods Markets by Amazon; the Boeing 737 MAX tragedies; the CEO crisis at UBER and Woolworths decision to split its Drinks and Hotel Business from its other Retail businesses- Students are required to analyse one of the contemporary strategic issues facing the nominated organisation from the CEO and Board's perspective- What are the key risks, opportunities and threats that have or may emerge from the identified issue???? Students are then required to re-analyse the implications of the identified issue from their own organisation's perspective- In addition, students are required to identify possible second-level impacts on their own organisation from the issue- Students are required to prepare a Board briefing paper on the issue as if they were the organisation's CEO- Assessment Submission Requirements: 1- Your assessment is to be written as a Board Report- 2- Include a minimum of 3 suitable academic journal articles in your assignment- You can search the AIM Library database, or use some of the ones provided in the Additional Resources section under each topic in my ABS- You may also have to research other online industry related articles to support your research- 3- Your report must not exceed 2,500 words- Note: The executive summary, table of contents, tables and reference list are not included in the word count-

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