Demonstrate an adequate understanding of the key concepts

Assignment Detail:- Supplementary Part Part 1 Watch the recorded lectures for SWM106 Weeks 1-6 -note: Week 4 lecture recording is not available, so you are not required to do this-- Provide a 500-word summary for each lecture- In total, this will be 2500 words -500 words per week x 5 weeks of classes-- You do not need to make reference to any literature for this task- The goal of this task is to demonstrate an adequate understanding of the key concepts of each lecture, so that you can demonstrate your knowledge as an emerging social worker- You may wish to look at the key points of each lesson in the Course Unit Outline to help you complete this task- Make sure you make each prgrph for each week -500- words- Make summary of each week lecture, what did you learn in each week-

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