Demonstrate an ability to utilise practical case management

Assignment Detail:- CAS203 Principles of Case Management - Stott's College Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate an ability to supervise client service delivery plans-Learning Outcome 2: Use effective communication in consultation and partnership to address client needs-Learning Outcome 3: Discuss the different stages of the case management process-Learning Outcome 4: Illustrate ability to co-ordinate case management in a complex and diverse environment-Learning Outcome 5: Exhibit knowledge on case management principles and framework for practiceLearning Outcome 6: Demonstrate an ability to utilise practical case management skillsLearning Outcome 7: Evaluate group processes and applied skills in group settings CONTENT Topics will include:1- Introduction to Principles of Case Management2- Case management concepts and values3- Manage effective communication with staff and clients4- Case management process5- Screening and assessment6- Planning and care co-ordination7- Follow up, transitioning, evaluation and exiting8- Referral and advocacy9- Integrated service delivery10- Capacity building and manage resource allocation11- Continuing professional development -CPD- and record management12- Ethical standards Assessment: Case Management This assessment is designed to help you develop foundational knowledge regarding Principles of Case Management in Australia- You will be required to select one target population from the following list and discuss -giving practical examples- how it might impact upon the provision of case management for this client group-• Low linguistic competency• Interpersonal trauma• Youth homelessness• Seeking asylum in Australia• Intellectual impairment• Domestic and Family Violence Your report should identify key issues facing this target group, impacts upon service provision and referral to appropriate services, and key areas of expected capacity building- Your written report should include a minimum of 8 -scholarly- journal articles read, in addition to any textbook references- The format of your report will be discussed in greater detail during tutorials-

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