Demonstrate a working knowledge of lists in Java and Design

Assignment Detail:- ASSESSMENT TASK: PROJECT A TASK DESCRIPTION This project requires students to create an Object Oriented design and coded solution for a chosen application, using all the concepts taught in the subject- You may choose to complete this assessment with at most one -1- other person- To work as a pair; you and your partner MUST be in the same tutorial class- You will need to spend approx- 10 hours together working on the assessment -outside of tutorial hours-- If you do not intend to spend this time working together - choose to complete the assessment on your own- Both partners must put in an equal amount of work and effort, or the group will be dissolved by the tutor- Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate a working knowledge of lists in Java-Learning Outcome 2: Judge if a solution is well-designed-Learning Outcome 3: Design a good OO solution from a specification-Learning Outcome 4: Use inheritance in Java- BRIEF This is a take home assessment to evaluate your understanding of object oriented concepts taught so far in IAPP001- The assessment will be composed of three -4- parts: the scenario, the design, the code and explanation -including proof of testing-- The scenario: -200 words- You will decide on the topic for your project- You should choose a business for example, a café- You will write the basic usecases for the business, including identifying the major functionality the application must provide- The design: -200 words- You will create a simplified class diagram for your application, which shows the attributes/methods for each class and the inheritance- You should aim to have between 6 and 8 classes for your application- The classes should be: Main/driver class, parent class -at least 1-, enum, child classes -at least 2-, group class -at least 1-- You will explain how your design will provide the needed functionality for the application- The code: You will write the code for the application using the design- Make sure you follow the guidelines setout in the subject eg use camelCase for objects, LetterCase for classes, all classes have toString--- Public mutators should be used sparingly etc Your solution will need to use either interface or implementation inheritance -or both-; overloading, overriding, menus with recursion and for each loops-The explanation: -300 words- You will explain the code you wrote and any problems you encountered and how you fixed them- At minimum you need to identify :All inheritance - including why inheritance was used in this/these class-es- All overloaded methods - why overloading was used in each caseAll overriding methods - why overriding was used in each caseAll enum classes - why enum was used in each caseAny polymorphism - how it affected the code Note: the assignment has to be done on Blue J-

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