Demonstrate a critical understanding of key Corporate

Assignment Detail:- BS3614 Corporate Governance And Accountability Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate a critical understanding of key Corporate Governance issues, Learning Outcome 2: Synthesise and evaluate key arguments drawing on a range of relevant readings, Learning Outcome 3: Present and articulate informed arguments in a well-structured essay- Assignment Brief 1: The revised UK Corporate Governance Code -2018-was intended to cause a shake-up of corporate Britain- Provide a discussion of the important ways in which this updated code differs from its previous version -2016-and justify whether you believe these changes are driven by an Agency or Stakeholder perspective of Corporate Governance- You should also draw upon appropriate evidence to provide a critical reflection of how well UK companies appear to be adopting at least ONE of the newer aspects of the 2018 UK Corporate Governance Code- OR Assignment Brief 2: In recent years the Corporate Governance agenda has broadened significantly to include Board consideration of Corporate Social Responsibility -CSR-- Provide a reflection of themain drivers for this broadening in Corporate Governance andthe corresponding change in theoretical perspective to which it relates- The assignment should also consider the issues associated with reporting on organisational CSR performance and, with reference to relevant literature, a critical evaluation of UK company success at integrating CSR issues into the heart of strategy and reporting- Attachment:- Corporate Governance And Accountability-rar

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