Define the entities, attributes and draw ERD - Normalize

Assignment Detail:- Application Requirement: Teachers, Tutors and Students: A user visiting to the platform must register their roles- If the user wants to learn language courses, then she or he has to register as the student role- If the user wants to teach a course at the platform, she or he must send a request for registering the role of Teacher or Tutor based on the approval of the website manager- Students need to have necessary information, including student name -first and last name-, home address -street, city, postcode-, Nationality, age, email, mobile phone number, date of birth, gender, language needs -e-g-, English, France-, and the level of each language need -e-g-, begin, intermediate, advanced-- In addition to personal information like students, each teacher or tutor must also have teaching experience information, e-g-, degree, language teaching preferences, teaching level of each language -begin, intermediate, advanced-, and last 5 years' teaching experience if applicable -such as 2 years' teaching at Lingolink platform, 1 year's teaching at Youtube platform, 0-5 year's teaching at language centre-- Course: There are two types of courses, one-to-one teaching course, and group teaching course- For the one-to-one teaching course, a student needs to pay $50 per hour- For the group teaching course, each student in the group needs to pay $20 per hour- The group teaching course is only open if there are more than 3 students- Before a student commences her or his course, she or he needs to book the course from one teacher or tutor- At the end of each course, the student has to pay the course fee to platform account, with the payment- Students have option to leave a short comment about the attended course- By the end of each month, the platform will charge 20% course fee, and pay the remaining 80% course fee to the teachers based on their taught courses within the month- Platform Management Teams: Lingolink has different teams to support the services of the platform- - Platform language experts will handle the request of users who would like to register the roles of teacher or tutor- The platform language experts will change the status of a user from "Waiting" to "Approved" if a user's request was approved, otherwise, the status was changed to "Denied"-- Platform Finance Officers will process the monthly payment to each teacher or tutor, process the salaries to platform staffs, and also report the monthly revenue of the platform to the CEO-- Platform Technical Staff will provide the support to the platform, and their salaries are classified into three levels - Junior Level, Senior Level, Manager Level- Each team has only one manager to lead the team- All students, teachers and tutors can login into the system and system will keep record of login history- Question 2-1: Define the entities, attributes and draw ERD- Question 2-2: Normalize each relation to 3NF- Attachment:- Application Requirement-rar Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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