Define the central organizational structures of the PS

Assignment Detail:- ERP Project Management, Post-implementation, and Critical Success Factors Part 1: SAP Project Systems Question 1: Discuss the importance of the PMO and the project organization to a successful ERP implementation- Question 2: Identify the components of a project organization and the roles and responsibilities of each- Question 3: Describe all the components to a successful "Go-live" and how to determine their readiness- Question 4: Analyze what is involved in stabilizing the system after "Go-live" and how to track and address problems and issues on a daily basis Question 5: Discuss critical success factors in an ERP implementation- Part 2: Question 1: Define the central organizational structures of the PS module- Question 2: Summarize the master data which is most important for the PS module- Question 3: Explain a standard process of the Project Management-

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