DATA4700 Digital Marketing and Competitive Advantage

Assignment Detail:- DATA4700 Digital Marketing and Competitive Advantage - Kaplan Business School Your Part • You have been engaged as a consultant to advise Romper & Co, an Australian retail store that focuses on clothing and accessories for infants and toddlers- Romper & Co are looking for your advice on how to enhance their digital marketing approaches, especially given the transformation that many brick-and-mortar retail outlets have had to undergo over the past two years due to COVID-19 restrictions- • The first step in your consulting services to Romper & Co is to visit the company's website and also to understand the story behind the company:o Websiteo About Us • COVID-19 measures have severely impacted the certainty with which retail outlets can operate, including understanding the evolving customer behaviour related to how they now prefer to shop- The digital transformation opportunities that Romper & Co choose to pursue could very well establish a competitive advantage for them within the retail, and specifically the baby apparel, industry during this unpredictable time of transition- Romper & Co are looking to you to provide expertise on how they formulate and implement their ongoing digital transformation, to set themselves up for success into the future- Assessment Instructions Your report should have the following headings and address the topics below: 1- Introduction: A brief summary of the situation in the case study and what you, as a consultant, have been tasked with doing for your client 2- Data: An indication of: - What data you already have available in this case- What further data you would like to receive from Romper & Co- What additional data you will have to collect for your consulting work 3- STP: Your recommendations on: - How to approach segmenting the market- Which segment you wish to target- How to position Romper & Co for that target segment 4- Marketing mix: After you have positioned Romper & Co, indicate: - What the product or service should be -e-g-, should it remain as is, or do you have suggestions on how to change it to pursue a stronger competitive advantage????-- How you will promote the product or service to the market -e-g-, using your digital assets-- The place that customers should access the product or service -e-g-, digital channels of distribution-- Pricing strategy for the product or service -e-g-, tactics to use; understanding value to the customer- 5- Marketing costs: What fixed, variable and marginal costs are most relevant to this case study???? 6- Customer relationships: Your recommendations on: - What Romper & Co should do with customer relationship management- What Romper & Co can do to acquire new customers 7- A/B testing and Multivariate testing: State what A/B testing and multivariate testing you would like to conduct, and why 8- Conclusion: Summarise the most important recommendations you are proposing that Romper & Co should address first, and what metrics Romper & Co should look at to understand whether your advice has produced beneficial outcomes 9- Statement of Intent: You will write a short statement of intent which addresses: -1- who your target audience is for the report and -2- what techniques you have used to connect with that audience and improve the readability of your report for that audience-

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